Thursday, February 26, 2015

Climate McCarthyism

... the hunt for the hides of a few climate skeptics began last weekend when The New York Times climate beat reporter, Justin Gillis, co-wrote an attack on Wei-Hock (Willie) Soon, a sceptical scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.  ...
... In the end it is the warmists who will come out of this looking like the pathetic political witch hunters they are ...
When “witch hunts” are deemed legitimate in the context of popular causes, we will have fully turned science into just another arena for the exercise of power politics. The result is a big loss for both science and politics.

Peter Foster: Crushing climate thoughtcrime
The U.S. Democratic witch hunt against scientists skeptical about official climate science threatens to blow up in the faces of the Inquisitors. It lays bare the totalitarian mentality behind the radical climate agenda.
 Willis Eschenbach: Mental Midgets Try To Bite Dr. Willie Soon’s Ankles

 Faux outrage over Willie Soon’s disclosure



johndoe124 said...

If the science were so clear cut and conclusive the climate change believers wouldn't need to resort to bullying and intimidation. Every time they resort to these tactics they simply undermine their own cause.

JR said...

Bullying and intimidation is the warmist stock-in-trade. It's all they've got. But I'll bet this gets little to no coverage in most of the media.

bertie said...

Maybe every time a warmist opens his mouth punch him in the face.It should at least make him think about what he is saying.Every time he lies punch him in the eye.I was taught that in the army by a Corporal in depot training.Story goes that a man 6 foot 5 inches tall loved to bully the smaller men because of his size.In other words a big bully.We were told that when this bully went to sleep hit him with a 2 X 4.He may beat you up again,but next time he goes to sleep,hit him again,only harder.When he went a few nights without sleep because he was worried about being hit he quit his bully tactics.Same for these warmists,every time they lie smash them in the mouth ,eventually they will tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

The problem I have with the warmist is anyone who asks legitimate questions is shouted down instead of explaining it. I am not a scientist so I won't have the expertise they will, but that doesn't mean I cannot ask questions on things that don't make sense and hopefully they can do the best job possible explaining it. One of my common questions is the earth has warmed 0.7C over the last century (which almost everyone agrees on), then why do the projections show warming of 1.1C to 5.8C with 3 to 4C being the midpoint. What are the things that will cause the earth to warm 7x as fast in this coming century as the last. Likewise the amount the earth warmed in the 80s, 90s, and the last decade was constant (around 0.16C per decade) so why haven't we seen accelerated warming.

James Hansen back in the 80s said the earth would warm at 0.5C per decade but so far has only warmed at 0.16C decade so while I can understand projections being wrong, why haven't they been revised. Also in the 20th century there was strong warming in the inter-war years but the earth cooled slightly between 1945 and 1975 and then began its current warming yet CO2 emissions were greater post WWII than the interwar years. Not saying the warmists are wrong, just saying if they are correct they should be able to explain those discrepancies.

I unlike this blog do believe in global warming, but I also believe its okay to ask questions. Nothing is sacred and we should question anything that doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Accept unlike Globull Warming and peak oil nonsense, McCarthy was later vindicated concerning the vast bulk of his suspicions.

Diana West and a multitude of other researchers have come to the same conclusions, unlike the narrative we were fed. And now being fed again by the Marxian EnviroStatist Media.
Iran and China can have all the power plants they want, yet we are the "arseholes" for using our cars and just living life.

OPEC and Russia can have the largest oil conglomerate, but the oil sands and oil companies supposedly hold us down under their thumbs"?"

You always hear be stories against oil companies yet who has the biggest vested interests with all their eggs in the oil basket?
OPEC and every despot socialist regime that doesn't adopt free market capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Climate Change is natural, has nothing to do with people.
So why kill our economies and each other over this nonsense.
There are bigger troubles in the world, some of which have been curable for decades.