Friday, February 20, 2015

Obama - worse than a Manchurian Candidate?

Roger Simon, PJ Media:
... Barack Obama is not the Manchurian candidate. That’s just an excuse. The only problem is…He’s worse.  He’s far worse.  Barack Obama doesn’t have to be a Manchurian candidate.  He can and is doing more damage without being one. 

... I wish I knew what to do, because convincing Obama to act is a double-edged sword.  He is a horrible person to be a commander-in-chief and to put our troops in his hands is an awful thing to do to them. He will undoubtedly pull the rug out from under them just at the wrong moment.  And they certainly know it.  How could they not?


Anonymous said...

Obama has been a disappointment on domestic policy where he has followed too much of the big government policy, but on foreign policy I believe he is moving the country in the right direction. What many Americans don't realize is why they are so hated globally. It's not because people are jealous of them, rather they have intervened in many conflicts that have killed thousands of innocent civilians. As a person of colour who has lived abroad he understands the oppression many people in the third world have suffered at the hands of the West. Lets remember Muslim Brotherhood rose primarily in opposition to British and French rule in the Middle East and North Africa. While I despise radical Islam, when you oppress people, you shouldn't be surprised if they react negatively. In the Middle East its been radical Islam, while in Latin America its been radical leftist policies. As a white male, I haven't experienced the kind of things most people of colour have and this I am very sympathetic to their frustration since if you haven't walked a mile in one's shoes you cannot know what its like.

Anonymous said...

I found the response by Denmark comforting


Anonymous said...

Hussein is a commie... he was raised as a commie by commies, he hates America not because he's smart but because he was raised by people who hated America. Hussien Oshitstain is a dangerous ideologue surrounded by other dangerous ideologues. Oshitforbrains has been conditioned his whole life to hate the country that allowed him everything. Oshits foreign policy is a bloody disaster with an emphasis on bloody... the man watches a person burned alive in a cage and he attacks Christianity? The man is deranged and history will be very unkind to this con man. The mess this fool has made of the Middle East is epic and purposeful... his actions and non actions in the ME have had negative effects in the Ukraine as well... as long as Hussien is occupying the WH the world will remain a tinderbox.