Monday, February 2, 2015

The Globe and Mail's ridiculous head-in-the-sand stupidity

Globe editorial - Parliament must reject Harper’s secret policeman bill:
 "Prime Minister Stephen Harper never tires of telling Canadians that we are at war with the Islamic State."
News flash, we ARE at war with the Islamic State.  The Islamic State has declared war on Canada.  Our CF-18's are bombing them.  Our special forces are on the ground designating targets and shooting back at ISIS fighters in self defence.

"... recklessly conflates the two recent lone-wolf incidents in Canada with the Islamic State’s call for attacks on “non-believing countries.”  ... no evidence that either attacker was connected to ISIS. ..."
Wrong.  Police and CSIS investigators have shown that both Jihadi terrorists were inspired by ISIS videos and propaganda.

"If the Prime Minister has evidence that either attack was directly linked to ISIS, he should provide it ..."
No! With our own eyes and ears we've seen and heard what atrocities ISIS has committed and is threatening to commit.  If the Globe has any evidence that ISIS is NOT a threat, then IT should provide it.
Whoever wrote this piece of nonsense is doing so either from Neville Chamberlain's naive head-in-the-sand playbook or as anti-Harper political propaganda. Or both.

Update: Ezra Levant is much more blunt:


Anonymous said...

we need to remind ourselves
"first they came......." by Martin Niemoiler

Anonymous said...

Ezra had this on his show last night about how foolish the Globe & Mail are

Martin said...

I am very surprised G&M would even use the hackneyed expression lone-wolfe after the devastating ridicule supplied by Mark Steyn. Perhaps they lack a sense of humour, or more likely don't read Steyn.
I seem to recall ISIS issuing a statement last week urging Canadians to follow the example of our 2 home grown terrorists and kill as many soldiers as possible. That by itself would seem to suggest some connection, but still the MSM is incapable of calling a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

The so called "MSM" and the terrorist savages who want to destroy the west are on the same side. The evidence is overwhelming, the enemy is in our midst.

Anonymous said...

The chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are extremely low. There are many things we do daily like drive to work, cross the street, walk down the stairs, even flying on an airplane where one is more likely to get killed so asking one to give up some freedom over a remote threat doesn't cut it for me. As for ISIL's war on Canada, when have they actually attacked Canada. A lone wolf inspired by one is not just cause for attacking another country where innocent civilians may get killed. War is awful and its something that should be done as at last resort. We need to return to our traditional Pearsonian foreign poicy and no that doesn't mean being nice to ISIS, but it does mean working with both our allies and other Muslim countries in order to marginalize them. Our middle power role was supported by both Liberals and PCs.

ISIL is an evil group that needs to be eradicated but we must remember the West is not all good. British and French imperialism in the past and American invasions more recently have created a strong level of resentment towards the West so we are best as a country to just stay out of this altogether

Anonymous said...

The "Anonymous" progressive above is a prime example of the utter stupidity and dishonesty of the terrorist savages and their ally's of the western leftist progressive cause. Tacquia (lying to the infidels) is not only a strategy of the terrorist barbarians it is a tactic used by leftist twits of the west as witnessed above. Denial in this case is the same a lie. To say Canada is not a target of the terrorist savages, and has not been a target of terrorist savages is a deliberate lie (Tacquia)and a bloody insult to the families of Nathan Cirillo and other Canadians murdered by these cowards. Terrorists and western leftists are on the same side and desire the same result.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 02/03/2015 10:44PM I am actually a former Progressive Conservative who under both Clark and Mulroney supported Canada's independent foreign policy. I also have a somewhat libertarian streak and I should note Ron Paul is opposed to the war on ISIS and he is no leftist. I want terrorism to end just as much as anyone else does, but I don't believe going over and bombing the Middle East will help as every innocent civilian who dies and the damage will just create more hatred and mistrust towards us. As the late Harry Browne former US Libertarian leader pointed out Switzerland hasn't been attacked since Napoleon in the late 1700s and despite many European wars and done so by staying out of other's affairs. There are around 50 Western countries and ISIS has not threatened to attack all of them so I would argue by returning to our traditional role it would make us more safe not less.

Also returning to our traditional role would allow us to gain the trust of Middle Eastern governments and other Muslims as ultimately ISIS will only be defeated by other Muslims and Middle Easterners who understand the area not the West who has never won a war in the Middle East. That doesn't mean Canada shouldn't be vigilant such as better screening of visitors and those planning to immigrate here. As well as greater cooperation between police forces and the Muslim community to help find radicals.

As for Nathan Cirillo, it was a terrible attack, but this seems more like a guy with mental health issues who was a copycat of ISIS rather than an organized attack as part of a terrorist network. In 1999, There was a school shooting in Taber a few days after the Columbine one, so does that mean we go invade the US. No the solution is complex, not simplistic like far too many on the right seem to think. I've travelled to over 30 countries and are well versed in foreign affairs unlike most Reformers (PCs had a much different foreign policy and the party is more like the Reform Party than PCs) and realize its not black and white nor can problems be solved through simplistic solutions. We have an excellent foreign service so instead of ignoring them to appeal to his right wing base, Harper should take advantage of their expertise.

Anonymous said...

Anon above proves the theory that the first casualty of war is the truth. Isolationism is a strategy for cowards and delusional nit-wits blinded by ideology and fear. Pretending something isn't happening and living in a self imposed sense of denial is the rationalizing of a fool with an unserious mind. Thankfully the utter twaddle and self importance of Anon above is of no importance or relevance, although the straw man arguments are amusing, ultimately they are as flaccid as the talking points of all ally's of the terrorist threat "progressives" declare doesn't exist. The rallying cry of the western Marxist (progressive) states that the best way to solve the real and present terrorist threat is to pretend it doesn't exist, or it's none of our business who wants to kill us. This goes beyond the flatulent ideological blindness, obtuseness and cowardice of mendacious "progressives" and reaches into the utterly absurd and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 02/04/2015 6:44 PM - Instead of repeating the right wing rants, perhaps you should look at the facts. The world is a complex place and the problem with many Reformers and tea partiers is they like to paint things in nice simple black vs. white rather than understand the nuances. I would like to ask how many countries have you travelled to and how many friends do you have who were born in a non-Western country. I've visited 30 countries including one predominately Muslim country and have two more planned this fall. I also have many friends who are from non-Western countries.

Perhaps maybe you should show some empathy for others instead of being so selfish and not caring for those from different parts of the world. Being colonized and bombed by a foreign power will not get a nice reaction anywhere its done and while I condemn ISIS' tactics bombing another country in the Middle East will create more not less recruits and solving any problem is best done by attacking the source.

Finally I am a proud Canadian and believe in Canadian values. Peaceful relations and tolerance are fundamental Canadian values and I want Canada to remain Canadian which means being peaceful and tolerant not to become more like the US and Europe who have a bloody history of oppressing those weaker than them.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:44
please explain RECENT threats against Canada

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 02/05/2015 at 05:55 AM ISIL threatened us after we launched war on them as well as under International Law launching war is only permissible in two cases:
1. Is done in self-defence in response to an attack
2. Authorized by the UN security Council.

The war does not meet either criteria although if sticking solely to Iraq it is a grey area as Iraq has asked foreign troops to come in, but if the government goes into Syria, that would be a violation of international law. I am all for taking out ISIS but considering the animosity amongst Muslims towards the West, I believe the best solution is for other Muslim countries to take them out. And after the recent attack on the pilot, Jordan has promised revenge. For good reasons many in the Middle East mistrust the West and we should not make things worse.