Thursday, February 19, 2015

Globe and Mail - Stenographers for al Qaeda

The Globe and Mail decries that it is being denied the opportunity to interview jailed al Qaeda killer Omar Khadr:
as a result of the vagaries of Correctional Service Canada interior design, Omar Khadr cannot be interviewed by journalists.
The Globe refers to Khadr as a `... member of the notorious jihadi Khadr family` but almost certainly not because they actually hold that view.

Here`s Ezra:


Anonymous said...

You go Ezra, expose theses guys.

Fat Tony

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the Khadr family is living happily ever after in good old tolerant Canada under the spineless leadership of politically correct Steven Harper who lacks between the legs fortitude to deport them. Shame on Canada and shame on the government. The terrorists attacks of last year were seen coming miles down the road but Canadians and their pathetic bleeding heart government are too politically and cowardice to do anything about it.

JR said...

It is delusional to expect that any move to deport the Khadrs would succeed in this country, given our Charter and the courts. And if you think Harper is a villain in this, whom, among all politicians in this country do you suppose would be less of a `bleeding heart`.

RLP said...

As the election draws near, you will see increasing numbers of posts such as the one above, where trolls attempt to disrupt the narrative by blaming Harper for "not being Conservative" or for lacking "fortitude to deport", etc. This is a blatant effort to create discord among voters with the only government that has repeatedly shown the courage to make difficult choices. We have to recognize the trolls for who they are, and keep supporting the leadership that has made us the envy of our neighbours and allies.

Anonymous said...

The evidence that Muslim terrorists and western leftists (progressives/Liberals) are allied together continues to mount.