Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lying about the link between Islamist terror and Islam

In Saturday's National Post Andrew Coyne (attacking Stephen Harper) argued that we should be "Watching our words on Islamism".

Coyne makes the odd reasonable observation, like for example:
"... they [Islamists] are commanded by their faith to take up arms in its defence. Of this there can be no doubt: they have said so, on a hundred different occasions, and we would be wise to take them at their word."
... then, sadly, he decides to advocate for Obama's highly dubious "strategy" of lying about Islam's blatantly obvious connection with terrorism - concluding that to be truthful, like Stephen Harper, is "playing with fire".

In other words, Coyne, like Obama, presumably on the word of so-called "moderate" Muslims (Obama has close associations with members of the Muslim Brotherhood), prefers to ignore the obvious realities of political Islam and its extremist, violent opposition to the West (and to infidels everywhere).  He prefers to go along with the many "moderate" Muslims in the West who peddle the obviously self-serving fiction that ISIS and other similarly motivated terrorists "are not Islamic".

Rather than trying to mollify these "moderate" Muslims by ignoring or downplaying (lying about) the obvious links between Islam and Islamist terrorism we (that includes you, Mr. Coyne and Pres. Obama) should be insisting that they stop trying to obfuscate or deny the issue and instead to clearly and firmly denounce the radical elements in their midst - march in the streets (as they are so quick to do when Western satirists mock Mohammed).  If, as they claim, ISIS, al Qaeda and other killers are indeed perverting Islam (rather than faithfully observing it) and are giving the one "true" Islam a very bad name, it is up to these "moderates" to be shouting out, en-mass, against it loudly, publicly and often.  Can we expect this to happen any time soon?  Not bloody likely -  especially with the Obamas and Coynes among us giving them cover.

 BTW.  In the NP epaper, there were lots of great critical comments, while in the open version linked above there are a great many of the usual dhimmi leftists supporting Coyne.

And here is Blazing Cat Fur's blunt assessment:
 Idiot At National Post Says If We Pretend Islam & Terrorism Aren’t Linked Muslims Will Like Us More!


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting we need a final solution for the world's 1 billion Muslims? They are all evil?

Jack Allore said...

Of Course. It's the only 'real'solution! Take them out and be happy!!!

JR said...

Don't be a moron, anonymous. Of course they're not all evil. Who said that? The solution is simple. All it should take is:

(a) for non-radical Muslims (the "moderates"?) to identify the extremists and demand they cease and desist their violent jihadi ways (or else);

(b) then, for violent radical Muslims to obey their moderate co-religionists' demands to cease and desist their terrorist ways; or else,

(c) for moderate Muslims to hunt down, violently suppress and punish those who refuse to obey.

Should be an easy task if the moderates so hugely out-number the extremists as you dhimmi lib-leftists so confidently believe. There's no need for non-Muslim intervention or even assistance.

Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says..... let's drop this Islamism stuff and call a spade a spade. it is islam and jihad and terrorism are tenants of islam. it is written. when the so called moderate muslims start taking down those who they say do not represent islam then maybe I would believe them. unfortunately the Koran, hadith, sira all advocate the death of those who do not believe, and the death of apostates, which is what a moderate muslim would be. you get to accept the whole package or you are an apostate, bye bye.

Anonymous said...

we must not stand silent while these brave young men have their heads cut off

Anonymous said...

lies and MORE lies media and story from Oslo

JR said...

fhl, Who knew that the European media could be worse than ours?

Anonymous said...

SO because 20 moderates are holding hands around a synagogue, all Muslims are Jew loving humans like that? Your head is so deeply up your toosh you just can't see the reality of their hatred. Those few in Norway are clearly level headed but that is not the norm.