Monday, August 31, 2015

"A massive shift"in BC school curriculum

Vancouver Sun:
"... it is clear that schools will have to move away from a traditional model where all students read the same book at the same time, answer the same questions and write the same test.

There is a massive shift underway, and as students go back to school next week, a new optional curriculum will be in place for students up to Grade 9. It will be mandatory next year. Grades 10 to 12 are next, with a draft curriculum expected this week. ...
The need for "a massive shift" becoming "clear" seems to be based on an assumption that the internet, iPads, iPhones, etc have suddenly changed how kids learn what schools are responsible for teaching. Sure, the internet is neat and there some nifty new tools for accessing information but it is highly doubtful that kids' brains have evolved measurably since their invention and that what they need to know and how they learn it has radically changed.  But what the heck, an Education Minister has to make his mark, doesn't he?

Then there's this interesting assertion:
The shift will also bring in new methods of assessment that could see traditional report cards and letter grades disappear. A bit further off are new graduation requirements, which could mean the end of every student passing the same basic courses and exams in order to get a diploma.
Haven't teachers' unions been pushing these ideas for some time?  Students learn whatever strikes their fancy at their own rate with no tests and no report cards.  Also, no more measuring student progress and so no more accountability for their success or failure.  What could go wrong?

Then, if nothing else, this should be a huge alarm:
"there are no global examples to follow and this education transformation is untested."
Yikes! But why am I not surprised?  This seems to be the case for so many grand new educational schemes.  While there are no doubt some reasonably decent ideas in it, this "massive shift" appears to be yet another giant social experiment involving every child in the province as a guinea pig.  It's an experiment to test the latest radical progressive "thinking" coming out of academia.  And it'll take a generation before we have any inkling of how big a flop it is.

Evolution, not revolution, should be the rule in bringing about change in large crucial systems like education.


Anonymous said...

Eventually, some government will have the guts and wisdom to implement a voucher system so kids can get a proper education again rather than an indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of the inherent immorality in Public sector unions and Government education aka. brainwashing. This will end very badly.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says............many in our generation were better educated leaving grade 11 than many university students who have not become professionals.

L said...

This is what they are doing in the US and it was an utter fail with the common core. Hopely, our new immigrants, who like we of older and better Canadian schools, will fight this, as we want the 3 r's and limited sex ed. Even today we have UBC grads who can not speak either English or French. Soon, we will have a whole generation of illiterates with no shared Canadian culture at all. This is going to create havoc, as many children need structure and self-discipline from schools. My grand children will survive, as they are gifted and have involved families who had proper educations, but most will not.