Sunday, August 16, 2015

The NDP's radical anti-Alberta position

Ezra Levant highlights the public statements of NDP candidates, politicians and operatives attacking Alberta oil sands industry noting that they shy away from similarly attacking Newfoundland's oil industry, Ontario's automobile manufacturers, Venezuela's oil ... ... Neither Tom Mulcair nor Alberta Premier Notley have objected to any of the "crazy talk".  The NDP is of one mind across the board both federally and provincially in its determination to destroy Alberta's oil sands industry (and with it Alberta's economy).  Meanwhile, the Media Party lets it all slide, holding no one to account.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to resurrect the Cascadia concept. I'm pretty sure the three western provinces could do quite well on their own.

Anonymous said...

Not likely. BC is definitely paid for where it comes to obstructing oil & gas development & shipping it across their territory, other than in BC. Rachel is good with that, too. Brad Wall stands alone.

Anonymous said...

If anyone who is in Harper camp was awake and watching what happened in the last BC election, I hope they are making a 60 second infomercial/montage of all the "No Damn Plan" party members and the "Liebrals" and "Media Party" members as they ramble on and complain about developing resources and regarding the overall plan of shutting down development projects regarding Canadas natural resource industries. As soon as the former head of BC's "No Damn Plan" decided to close down the Kinder Morgan Pipeline, he handed the witless Liberal campaign office the BC Election in a resounding majority as BC voters were shocked out of the media fed frenzy to get the Liberal majority out of power in BC... The No Damn Plan party were leading in the polls the entire election was theirs to win but that one speach made by their leader obliterated them.