Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rachel Notley's disgraceful climate action "survey"

Ezra exposes it all:

If they don't already, Albertans will seriously rue the day that they elected Notley's radical wrecking crew. If they have any real sense Albertans will compensate by shutting out the NDP (and Liberals) in October.

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Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says..... alberta has imported so many stupid socialists that the province will now suffer for decades. It was enough to make a thinking man gag when the fools voted ndp. ya get what ya voted for. too bad the rest of the country will get a piece of it.

JR said...

Yup. The dippers will make the NEP look like solid, sane policy.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely interesting. Much to my regret, Albertans are more left leaning than they were in the past so on policies like higher corporate taxes and taxing the rich more, I believe the NDP position while economically wrong, is on side with most Alberta voters. I also think most Albertans care about the environment, but not to this extreme. Nonetheless if one simply looks at Alberta's demographics it kind of makes sense it would lean leftward. They are the youngest province and generally younger voters tend to lean more to the left than older ones. Likewise it is a very urbanized province and generally the left is strongest in large urban centres, weakest in rural areas while suburbs and smaller urban centres can go either way. Sure no doubt Alberta's pro free market policies helped play a role in it having the highest median income and lowest poverty rate but I've found amongst many Canadians if they aren't in the top 1% they somehow seem to buy the idea more income re-distribution would improve their lot. Also many in the election were holding up Norway as an example socialism works forgetting Norway has moved away from socialism and while it has a standard of living, it's not the socialist utopia the left make it out to be. I met a Norwegian in Amsterdam who moved there because the taxes and government intervention were too excessive and when I told him many Canadians wanted Canada to be more like Norway, he stated they don't know what they are talking about, so the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side. Besides Norway is a country, Alberta is a province and I can assure you there is no way the other provinces would allow Alberta to accumulate that amount of wealth without re-distribution. And likewise had Norway been stupid enough in 1995 to vote in favour of EU membership they probably wouldn't be doing as well either as they would have to be sending a lot of money to the newer member states in Eastern Europe and the poorer Mediterranean ones.

Anonymous said...

The people of Alberta need to wake up before it is too late. Notley's NDP government has been in place 3 months and they recently released A Climate Change Leadership Discussion Document that makes it clear that she fully intends to curtail the oil and gas industry and replace it with a "transition to a knowledge-based, lower-carbon economy" and then proceeds to tell us that she plans to do this by bringing in "much higher" carbon pricing, which in reality means higher, crippling taxes to every single Albertan. If Albertans want to know what green policies can do to a province, they only have to look at Ontario - power prices skyrocketed, they lost 370 THOUSAND manufacturing jobs and the Province in $300 Billion in debt. If Albertans don't stand up to this NDP government what we will get is bureaucratic control over the economy, inefficiency, unemployment and impoverishment, while we subsidize India and Chins, where they don't care about the bureaucratic rules and regulatory system in Alberta.