Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Good news for Jason Kenney, bad news for Justin Trudeau and his senior aide

First the good news, Jason Kenney won a law suit filed against him by the Canadian Arab Federation (CAF):
The Federal Court of Appeals sided with Minister Kenney’s decision to cut funding to the Canadian Arab Federation ... over its promotion of “hatred, anti-semitism and support for the banned terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah”.

The decision, in part, stated (July 24, 2015) that groups which promote hatred, including anti-Semitism, or excuse terrorism and violence, should not receive any official recognition or subsidy from the state.
Yesterday (August 22) Minister Kenney issued a statement in response to the Court’s decision, which said: “As Minister for Muliculturalism, I have always taken zero tolerance attitude toward anti-Semitism. Years ago I was criticized for saying that groups who express hateful views or defend terrorists should not receive taxpayer funding. As Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, I ended government funding for groups such as the Canadian Arab Federation, and Palestine House.”
The bad news (for Justin Trudeau):
Minister Kenney also urged voters to ask their Liberal and NDP candidates if they still believe that the government should give millions of tax dollars to groups whose leadership promotes anti-Semitism, and who express support for banned terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, and questioned Justin Trudeau’s position on the Federation, given that one of Trudeau’s close advisors, Omar Algabhra, is a former President.
Ezra Levant notes that the Media Party, which gleefully covered the CAF's court challenge to Kenney's decision, no surprise, completely ignored the court's decision:

No surprise that the Media Party weasels will only cover bad news for Conservatives and cover up bad news for Liberals.

I also wonder if this weasel, Canadian Charger, will be as enthusiastic about the outcome as he was about the CAF's initial law suit.


Anonymous said...

I've arrived at the conclusion that about 90% of the MSM are bottom feeders, whose collective integrity isn't worth the powder to blow it to hell.

This election coverage is the worst I've ever seen, biased reporting isn't even subtle any more.

CTV, f'rinstance, starts with, "The Duffy trial continues to dog PM Harper. We take you know to our reporter, whatsherface, at the rally."

And it's the CTV reporter who is asking basically the same GD inane question as she did at every other rally over the last couple weeks.

God, but I miss Sun News!!! :-(

Al in Cranbrook

JR said...

I agree. But occasionally there's some good reporting and opinion that relieves the pain a little. Like from Christie Blatchford and this fellow, John Pepall [ in the Post today].