Friday, August 28, 2015

The latest from the Fiscal Monitor: a $5B budget surplus

Brian Lilley:

"... what is happening in oil and gas and a few other sectors of the economy things will not be great going forward and probably are not as rosy as some Conservatives will have you believe but they also are not nearly as bad as the doom and gloom preached by the NDP and Liberals. ..."


johndoe124 said...

If you need proof that Progressives are essentially mental cases one really needs look no further than their reaction to two different fiscal managers.

They praise Paul Martin for balancing the budget though he did it by stealing EI premiums, making the Public Service Pension an unfunded liability and by slashing transfer payments. And all during an economic recovery.

PM Harper balances the budget without resorting to corrupt practices and in the meantime increases transfer payments. And all during an economic slowdown. And that makes the Progressives go nuts.

To Progressives their hate for Harper is far more important than having sound and honest fiscal management. That's sociopathic. And these are the people Canadians want running the country?

Martin said...

News headline yesterday from Mr Dithers claimed Stephen Harper "King of the deficits"; this while appearing beside Trudeau Jr. Any Canadian with a valid memory, or access to a computer could quickly finger Trudeau Sr for that title. In 16 years his administration showed a slight surplus in 1969 and a deficit every other year,(1979 being Clark's responsibility) In that time frame he increased federal debt by over 750% making balancing almost impossible for following finance ministers. As stated by anon, Martin used one time accounting tricks to achieve his surpluses.
It is too much to expect Jr to be knowledgible of this, but Martin knows better, and what of our journalists?

JR said...

I hope the Harper campaign will be making these facts crystal clear in its ads over the coming weeks. The Media Party will certainly not be reporting them on their own.