Sunday, January 31, 2016

How our anti-Canadian-oil politicians and activists are screwing our country

They claim to be doing it to save the planet but it won't alter the climate an iota.  Their actions only hamper Canadian production and all the benefits that derive from it.  Global oil production won't decrease, it is steadily increasing; Canada's share of that production (which is already small) will just get even smaller and so will our entire economy. In the name of phony global salvation, Canadians are being screwed, by our own know-nothing "leaders" and activists:


Martin said...

What is so hard to fathom is the why to Liberal opposition in Quebec and Ontario to this particular pipeline. It is not as if the millions of private vehicles in Quebec are going to cease operating with, or without this delivery route. The petroleum will continue to be imported from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, governments preferable to a Canadian provincial partner?
Can anyone imagine for a micro second that if the oil deposits were in Quebec, politicians wouldn't extract it and market it any way possible.
It is one thing for half baked activists like Naomi Klein to prattle about carbon free economy in a few years, but former cabinet ministers like Coderre may be expected to be held to a higher standard. And what of our PM? He is supposed to be the leader of all Canadians and to be concerned with the national economy, unemployment numbers and useful projects which are a net benefit to all regions.Instead he is acting as if the Leap Manifesto is a realistic, economic position paper.

Anonymous said...

Ontario is in favour. Québec is studying their position. Montréal area mayors, who really have no say in the matter, are opposed.

If approval is so easy, why didn't Harper et al simply approve it during their ten years in office?

Calgary entrepreneur.