Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Nothing to do with Islam"

As Barack Hussein Obama, the idiot mayor of Philadelphia this week and other useful idiots on the lib/left repeat ad-nauseam whenever terrorists strike, obviously motivated by Islam, that it had "nothing to do with Islam (religion of peace)".

Not that it is needed, but more strong evidence of Islam's culpability came with a recently published study of suicide attacks worldwide in 2015 which documented 452 attacks worldwide of which 450 were committed by Muslims:
... Of course, we cannot avoid mentioning the religious element as the most significant factor that motivates the suicide terrorists throughout the world. Here’s the most dramatic statistic: 450 of 452 suicide terror attacks in 2015 were perpetrated by Muslim extremists. One of the remaining two attacks was carried out by the Kurdish underground. The other was perpetrated by a woman supporter of a leftist group in Turkey.
Note that the Israeli researcher team was very careful about defining what constituted a suicide attack and how attacks were counted, noting, for example, "we consider the terror attack that took place in Paris two months ago as a single attack, even though there were seven suicide terrorists.”



Anonymous said...

Have you ever actually met a Muslim in person or been to a majority Muslim country. I have in both cases and can say most are not violent terrorists or backwards people. Yes some exist in Islam, but the religion is quite diverse. In fact of the Muslims I know in Canada most dress like Canadians do and most drink despite the fact Islam prohibits alcohol and few pray five times a day as required.

I have been to three majority Muslim countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey) while more religious and conservative than Canada, there hardly hotbeds of fundamentalism. The few women I saw wearing the niqab were all tourists and in fact most of the time I've seen women wearing niqabs, it was in Canada or Western Europe, not those countries. Most wore the hijab, although not all. There were actually fewer restrictions on alcohol than in most Canadian provinces (i.e. sold at grocery and corner stores) and except Malaysia the other two enjoyed freedom of religion while in Malaysia only Malays must be Muslim, all other ethnicities can practice whatever religion they want. In fact I was in Malaysia and Indonesia when the Paris attack happened and during that time I got to ask my guides who were all Muslim more about the religion and they were quite happy to explain it.

Otherwise Islam is not the bad religion many right wingers claim it is. Perhaps you should maybe go visit a mosque and ask the imam about Islam and you would learn more about it instead of spouting off this hatred. Never mind in the Lower Mainland where you live, the largest Muslim community is the Iranians (found mostly on the North Shore) who are overwhelmingly university educated and quite secular. In fact they came to Canada to escape the theocracy in Iran.

Never mind some Conservatives like David Cameron and George W. Bush have both reached out to the Muslim community understanding that isolating them will not help and it is working with them. George W. Bush visited a mosque in the week after 9/11 and repeated many times most Muslims are peaceful law abiding citizens.

Alain said...

@ anon: One could also say that not all Germans were Nazis or that all Nazis were not bad, neither one changing a thing. Having actually lived and worked in a Muslim majority country for some years and having visited many others, you seem to be either very naive or dishonest. I have seen how those otherwise "peaceful and nice" Muslims can get worked into a religious frenzy at the drop of a hat attacking and killing those who had been their friends and neighbours. More important is the fact that there is not one non Muslim country in the world where Muslims live peacefully with the people of those countries.

If your claim were true, we would see mass demonstrations by this huge majority of peace loving Muslims against every Muslim act of violence.

Anonymous said...

Alain - Nonsense there are many countries where Muslims live peacefully together. For one here in Canada the Muslim community has gotten along quite well. Likewise in the United States, the Muslim population is wealthier and more educated. In addition you have some sub-Saharan African countries like Senegal (where Muslims are the majority) and Ghana (where they are the minority) and they generally get along quite well with the Christian community. In Malaysia where I have been, there have been past tensions, but those were more ethnic as the Chinese minority has traditionally been wealthier than the majority Malays. I am not saying there isn't a problem with radical Islam, but I would hardly call myself naïve, in fact I think the biggest problem with many on the right in the West is rather than try and find ways to work with moderate Muslims they like to label all Muslims as bad. Never mind in the case of Europe, it was the Serbs who tried to wipe out the Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo, not the Muslims trying to wipe out the Christians.

A lot of the anger at the West is no different than those in Latin America who join Marxist guerillas. American foreign policy and the colonial legacy of Europe has left many people in the developing world quite bitter and angry over being taken advantage of. Also in Europe the fact most Muslims are seen as second class citizens by most of the population is a big part of it. By contrast the reason Canada doesn't have these problems is we see Muslims as our fellow citizens and we embrace diversity. The idea of embracing diversity doesn't have to be a left vs. right thing, in fact prior to the Reform Party, the three mainstream parties NDP, Liberals, and PCs all embraced multiculturalism and diversity. The problem in Canada is we saw the rise of the Un-Canadian Reform Party who were hostile to our values and wanted to divide Canadians rather than unite.

JR said...

@ anon, to answer your questions, yes I have been to majority Muslim countries, two of them back in the 1980's. And yes, I have obviously met many Muslims. Some were quite nice, others surly and carrying big chips on their shoulders.

No, I don't believe all Muslims are terrorists or even violent but you'd have to be blind, deaf and stupid not to notice that Islamic culture has a very violent, anti-Western, anti-infidel streak in it. And as Alain says, not many so-called moderate Muslims are putting up very serious and sustained objections to those they claim are besmirching their religion.

For another perspective on Islam I suggest you follow the writing and videos of Muslims like Tarek Fatah (a left-wing Pakistani Canadian Muslim) and Raheel Raza (another Pakistani Canadian Muslim). They are two of the bravest Muslims I know of who speak out loudly and often against Muslim violence and anti-Western behavior.

Anonymous said...

I am well aware that Islamic fundamentalism has a violent streak within it, but I don't think it is representative of most Muslims. Certainly far too many, although how prevalent it is varies considerably by country too. Even in the West, Islamic fundamentalism is much more of a problem in some countries than others. In Western Europe, how bad it is depends heavily on where the majority come from. In Switzerland where most are from the Balkans or Austria where most are from Turkey it's not a big problem while in Britain where most are Pakistani and Bangladeshi it is much more so. Even within some countries it varies, for example in the Netherlands, it is not an issue amongst the Indonesian community, only a minor one amongst the Turkish, while major amongst the Moroccan which suggest culture is part of it too.

ward said...

Anon. All the supposed moderates you speak of are apostate and as such infidels as well.

Anonymous said...

ward - They are only apostates and infidels according to the fundamentalists. It's much like some Christians saying anyone who doesn't blindly follow the Bible isn't Christian. Wahhibism which is the radical sect largely comes out of the Arabian peninsula although has expanded and it is where a lot of the problems come from. In fact Islam recognizes both Judaism and Christianity and refers to them as people of the book since Mohammed claimed that Abraham, Moses, and Jesus were all prophets of God and he was only the final prophet. Likewise Islam accepts both the Old and New Testament as God's word and the Koran is simply the most updated version. Islam also judges people based on following the five pillars, not on violent jihad. In fact the five pillars are relatively easy to follow and many moderates do follow them.

1. Belief in a single God (same as Christianity, Judaism, Bahai, Sikhism etc.)
2. Salat - Five daily prayers facing Mecca
3. Zakat - Give 2.5% of your income to the poor
4. Fast during Ramadan
5. Hajj - If financially and physically able, make a pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime to Mecca.

Hardly sounds radical or violent to me. As mentioned the Bible has versus that condone slavery, but no Christian today follows this. Anyone can take a quote out of a book and use it for their beliefs.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says........anon has posted may words but he is ignorant about just what islam is. I will suggest more reading of the Koran and the other Islamic writings. your attitude puts Canadians at peril.