Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Defence Minister Sajjan's goofy "progressive" ideas

If this doesn't prove that, like Trudeau himself, Sajjan is "just not ready", nothing will: Negotiate with ISIS, climate change a cause of the Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS.  Good grief!!

Neither Sajjan nor Trudeau will ever be ready.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........the guy is a liberal and an intellectual lightweight just like his boss.

newcenturion said...

Why does the press, The Rebel included, constantly refer to this guy as a "Badass"? It really bugs me. Did he take out a machine gun or capture 20 Taliban by himself? I knew lots of tough soldiers when I was in the Airborne. No, he served, just like the thousands of men and women in the military do now and the tens of thousands before him. Maybe he was good at his job, but so are thousands of other soldiers. That doesn't make him a "badass" or a "hero".
He's stumbling and bumbling now because he's trying too hard to stay on JT's main talking point; everything is related to climate change. He's not convincing because he, like the rest of us, know it's complete bullshit.

Martin said...

Canadians deserve better from a cabinet minister. That a murderous, back to the 8th century terrorist group can be let off with "the weather made me do it" root cause is infuriating. The families of the 6 Canadians murdered 2 weeks ago must really find comfort in these remarks.
An international poll published this week, showed only 9% of Americans ranked global warming as their primary concern, this after nonstop flogging of the issue by government leaders and the press. Canadian results could be expected to mirror these numbers.
The defense minister has already been humiliated in his contemporaries' eyes, by trying to fulfill a very foolish campaign promise by the PM. If defense policy is to be dictated by the PMO talking points, then is a minister even necessary?

Anonymous said...

Sajjan Is in over his head, just like Trudeau and many other PM's
Trudeau didn't choose any of them for their ability but for their gender and/ or religion. This government should be abolished before Canada is going to be the laughing stock of the world.

That will be a negative effect for attracting investments/ business
And as consequence we will have high unemployment high social assistance rate.

97% of Scientist debunked climate change.

Anonymous said...

The original grievance is that they live in a poor, undeveloped hell hole. We can't fix that. I repeat again WE CAN'T FIX THAT. We tried to fix it in Afghanistan and Iraq and look how well that turned out. The British and the French tried to fix it before that and still they're a bunch of retrogrades.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............anon, these folks are not starving and they are not stupid. they want to colonize Canada and america and Europe. it is total and complete bu ll sh it to think that they are anything other than Islamic colonists.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone take these people seriously. I am appalled and embarrassed for Canada. I think many in the new government are simple minded -- taking their cue from Justine I guess.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we need a lot more Harper-style leadership on foreign and defense policy. You know - stand up on a soapbox and hurl angry invective against your enemies, but don't back it up with anything and, for good measure, continually underfund and undermine those who actually serve our country by denying them benefits.

That's the sort of completely ineffective garbage the angry armchair generals of the right wing calls "principled leadership".

It would be funny if it weren't really pathetic.