Monday, February 8, 2016

The Liberals' outrageous plans for our military

We saw it coming! Pull our military out the fight against ISIS and convert our bases into Muslim refugee camps.  Good grief, what absolute morons!

John Ivison; Don't believe Liberal spin


Anonymous said...

Ironic that the imbecile play acting as PM won over Quebec voters because the hairy faced frenchman NDP leader was seen by Quebecers as being on the wrong side of the "niqab" issue, even though Turdo Jr. had exactly the same stance as Mulchair, instead they vote for an invasion of Syrians. This country is laughably pathetic... The Trudowe Party has assured the country's reputation as a nation of tribal idiots. Can't even stand to listen to the lispy moron Jutine for more than a few seconds, such a terrible actor, such a dangerous fool. The only people dumber and more politically inept than dear boy leader are the idiots that voted for the numb skull.

Anonymous said...

I happened to be watching some of the press conference of the idiot actor PM with a friend of mine from the States who watched for a minute or two and then asked me, "what wrong with him"? "why is he acting like that"? Because he's an imbecile, I said... We had a good laugh at the boy idiot's lispy acting, but it really isn't funny to have such a complete moron as the "leader " of the nation... Dijon was even worse, couldn't understand a word he said. My friend thought Obuma was bad until he saw the hairy lisp from Quebec... Yep, Canadians are officially dumber than Americans... embarrassing to say the least.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says ......I can't stand it anymore. fing stupid bast ards.

Martin said...

Initial reaction to Jr's new role for the military is mostly satirical, though the matter is far from funny. One has to feel for the beleaguered Defense Minister, and other military planners who have to grit their teeth and follow orders from the PMO.
Eric Morse at had this to say:
But it’s the ‘combat’ thing that is morally troubling. Cabinet seems to be driven by the need to not be seen as combative. That’s going to get them into trouble down the road"
"Telling Canadians a combat mission is not a combat mission raises a question: What are they going to say when another Special Forces soldier gets killed performing ‘non-combat’ work"?

Jr's role in all this appears to be that of an adolescent actor playing at being PM. Sadly that is not far removed from reality. Foreign observers must shake their heads as to how Canadians elected this drama prince. As for claims that our allies are fine with this non-combat combat role, I wouldn't bet on it.

Joline Dawn said...

Forrest gump is a Brain surgeon compared to Trudeau. We are getting what we deserve right now.

JR said...

At first I gave Sajjan the benefit of the doubt. But it's looking more and more like he's just another Liberal who's happily helping to formulate the ridiculous party line. The CDS, General Vance (a Harper appointee), like all CDSs (and any good soldier), is forced to salute, say "yes sir" and go along with his loopy political masters - or quit. Very few do the latter.