Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The CBC's corrupt, incestuous relationship with Trudeau's Liberal Party

Graeme Gordon's latest - 10 Hitches With CBC’s 10 Canadians ‘Face-to-Face’ With PM :
... The CBC coverage of last election cycle should leave no doubt in Canadians’ minds that the CBC is the cheer-leading captain of our new government  

... notes on CBC’s incestuous ties to the LPC:
- A couple of CBC executives took leave-of-absences so they could campaign with the LPC; 
-The union representing many CBC journalists registered to campaign against the Conservatives last election; 
- A former CBC journalist who covered federal politics recently wrote about how the new defence minister is “bad ass” is now working and writing press releases for that very same “bad ass”; 
- And the LPC has promised to give the CBC an additional 150 million dollars to its one billion dollar annual subsidy (essentially bribing the network for immensely favourable coverage of Trudeau).
Graeme goes on to parse each of the 10 interview sessions with a glib, cliche spouting Trudeau in what comes off as "reality TV" orchestrated by Peter Mansbridge and CBC producers.
... evidence supporting the propaganda charge against CBC’s special, “Face to Face”, is the reality-TV-like-quality of the production. It was odd that Peter Mansbridge and producers thought it appropriate to start each interview with the repetitive camera shot of the PM’s-glossy-wooden-door-with-gilded-lettering being opened by each contestant and then Trudeau purring each time, “Welcome to the Prime Minister’s office.”


Anonymous said...

old white guy fellow Canadians are not very bright that is why we are where we are.

fernstalbert said...

Canadians bought the hype and buyers' remorse is now setting in. JT's grasp on economy and deficits is abysmal. Our pensions are now at risk - he will steal from our retirement to fund his wish list for today. Not only is he as handsome as a Greek god, but he will govern like Canada is Greece.

Brenton Siddons said...

selling off a big chunk of the family jewels solicited nary a burp from the Corp...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to a very interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

Just keep reminding the voters that the reason Tinkerbelle is our PM is because of all the media lies.
Two birds with one stone.