Friday, February 12, 2016

Why capitalism is great

And why the anti-capitalist left are clueless morons.  Trouble is, there are so many of them.  Why else would Bernie Sanders be so high in the polls?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........irony escapes her as she holds an apple phone in her hand.

Anonymous said...

Right on the money about the greed.

Greed + envy + laziness = socialism.

Anonymous said...

The left often point to the Nordic Countries as proof socialism works but few seem to know much about them other than they have generous welfare states. The reason those countries are able to afford their generous social welfare systems is due to capitalism not socialism. On the heritage foundation's economic freedom scorecard the Nordic Countries do quite well and economic freedom doesn't mesh with socialism. In addition they afford them through a 25 percent sales tax, their corporate taxes are lower than ours (ours are lower than the US) and their top income tax rate is only slightly higher never mind they have municipal income taxes instead of property taxes so the rich if you combine the two probably pay similar amounts. Also Scandinavia is ridiculously expensive too so there are downsides. A better example of socialism is Britain pre-Thatcher or some Latin American governments today like Venezuela and Bolivia and none of those have worked well. China and Vietnam only have rapid growth due to the expanding private sector and sinking state sector not because communism works while Cuba and North Korea who still stick to the communist dogma aren't growing.