Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Justin Trudeau on ISIS - more smug, sanctimonious platitudes

Brian Lilley - Trudeau’s troubling worldview on full display:
... Speaking in his best, ‘I’m reading you a bedtime story’ cadence, Trudeau said that Canada is stronger than ISIS. ...

Troubling worldview indeed, delivered as smug, sanctimonious, delusional platitudes befitting a junior high school valedictorian.  And he's blindly rehashing his daddy's famous "reason over passion" motto (and deeply held lib/left belief).


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........the boy is a dumb as a bag of rocks.

Martin said...

The slogan Canada is Back, should more accurately be stated as Trudeaus are back. Jr has a visceral dislike of the military which could only be absorbed from family upbringing.
Despite his prattling about reason over vengeance, or whatever ( who exactly cobbles up this stuff), his plan to engage ISIS is based on an emotional outburst during the election campaign.That a country's military strategy in a war zone can be formulated from a leader's "feelings" is a scary reality Canada now faces. That this plan puts Canadian soldiers at increased risk, with no air support, simply to fulfill a campaign promise?
So far Liberals seem fine with that, other thoughtful Canadians, not so much.