Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Notley blacklists Rebel Media journalists, saying "[they] are not journalists"

... therefore, says her Solicitor General lawyer,  get out and stay out of Alberta government press events:
... [Rebel Media people] are not journalists and are not entitled to access media lock-ups or other such events.

So, then, it's off to court for a lawsuit.  It would be interesting to know how Notley and her taxpayer funded thugs define "journalist".

Faith Goldy outs herself:  "I identify as a journalist  ... maybe it's not a choice, it's 2016 and ..."

Update: Notley backpedals.
"We’ve heard a lot of feedback from Albertans and media over the course of the last two days and it’s clear we made a mistake. The government has appointed former Western Canadian Bureau Chief for Canadian Press, Heather Boyd to consult and give us recommendations on what the government’s media policies should be. In the meantime, no one will be excluded from government media events."


Anonymous said...

If they have not allowed Rabble in, one can say they were limiting to MSM only as Rebel is very much an alternative media much like Rabble. But when they let the left wing Rabble in but not Rebel Media, then it is questionable. That being said if polls are to believed and that is a big if, the NDP may have fallen to third behind the Wildrose Party and PCs.

Martin said...

I'm reminded of the CHRC flunky who said free speech was an American concept which he gave no value to; seems as Notley agrees on the merits of the American 1st amendment.

Imagine the furour had the Harper government attempted to ban Kady O'Malley from briefings because she was a blogger, not a journalist. A very foolish act from a desperate government that simply cannot stand close scrutiny or criticism. This begs the question is Notley a real Premier?

Anonymous said...

Albertans are well aware that Notley and her socialists are a 1 term government and will be gone when their term is up. Nothing new here, but it's a shame they ever voted them in in the first place. Citizens of that province need to take a serious look at what they were thinking in the first place.
Never make this mistake again because you realize how devastating your choice was.
Nowhere in Canada has the NDP ever been successful for more then one term.
I rest my case.

fernstalbert said...

Everything you want to know about Ms Notley and her motley crew can be learned in 3 short hours - watch Dr. Zhivago. The NDP are channelling their inner Pravda. Wanting to control everything all the time.

Dollops said...

What, Rebel reporters aren't card-carrying Media Guild members?
And the NDP were UNsuccessful in BC for two consecutive terms from 1991 to 2001

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3 - I hope Notley is a one term government but the election is still a long ways a way. If the right unites then she is toast, but if they stay separate a lot will depend on whether oil prices rebound or stay low. Basically she needs to hope the right stays split fairly evenly (even if they don't unite if voters coalesce around one like progressives did federally she is in trouble) and that things improve. Rural Alberta will go for whichever party can take her down while Calgary went mostly for parties on the right and probably will again and they will only hold most of these seats if they get a perfect split like they did last May. Edmonton however is fairly strongly NDP so defeating them there will be a lot harder.