Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mandatory indigenous studies at Canadian universities

Jason Agnew notes the absurdities and the exciting possibilities:

Since what's good for the goose must be good for the gander, let's force indigenous students to take mandatory courses in the foundations of Western civilization, say, in CAPITALISM. That would do them a hell of a lot more good than "indigenous studies" would do us.

And while we're at it lets make that course in capitalism mandatory for all non-aboriginal students as well. They won't get it any other way. That might help offset the brain damage being done by those studies in the-rosy-side-of-Marxism that most of them are getting now.


Martin said...

This from Minister Bennett commenting on the proposal:

Minister Bennett also suggested that book clubs across Canada begin adding works by Indigenous authors or allies to their reading lists. “Ninety-six per cent of Canadians who are not from an Indigenous background have to actually get with the program and realize what they don’t know"

Canadians might have a field day suggesting topics and fields of knowledge that Bennett doesn't know. Not much chance of reeducating her though, as a Liberal she is omniscient.

Anonymous said...

I think in high school social studies, we should definitely study it. When learning about Canadian history it is important to learn about what happened before the Europeans arrived and the different cultures. That being said in university, I don't think any course should be mandatory for all students, only mandatory for certain degrees. Perhaps maybe those majoring in Canadian Studies should have to take one, but not all majors.

Alain said...

Were the "studies" an accurate description of "indigenous culture and history", it would not be so bad, but you can be sure that they will not be. The indigenous people were far from the admirable conservationists, they were claimed to be, and in fact were a stone-age culture that hated, killed and enslaved neighbouring tribes. There is nothing to be admired, studied or worshiped.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........what's to study? primitive man?.

JR said...

One thing we can be sure of is that the first consideration for deciding what mandatory "indigenous studies" are approved will be the political correctness of the material. This is another emerging case of liberal "good intentions" that will go horribly wrong.

Anonymous said...

Marxism disguised as "indigenous studies"... Carolyn Bennett is a typical "Liberal", she hates Canada and desires a forceful change, a re-writing of Canadian history that degrades and erases the importance and relevance of Canada;s English history replacing real history with tribal fairy tales and cultural marxist ideology. Carolyn Bennett is clearly insane, a destroyer, a wall builder, a divide and conquer Marxist... typical "Liberal".