Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alberta HRC race hustling and fear mongering

Just when I begin to think the "human rights" idiocy couldn’t possibly get any worse, Ezra Levant posts a story about the Alberta HRC’s race hustling propaganda brochure which is aimed at drumming up more business for its sick grievance racket:

It's disgusting to begin with, but the fact that it is deliberately targetting new immigrants is downright vile.

The Alberta human rights commission -- in other words, the Government of Alberta -- is trying to persuade newcomers to Alberta to support their grievance industry, and become little race hustlers, little Al Sharptons ...

Ezra carefully dissects the brochure’s phony grievance ‘examples’ and concludes with a couple of good questions:
Do you like how Albertans are being described to newcomers -- as a bunch of stupid bigots? And do you like the instructions given to 60,000 of those newcomers, in the guise of "learning to read English" -- a propanganda tract telling them to sue their neighbours?
The more I learn about these HR morons, the more I hate their guts!


Kit said...

You would think the places and events where someone could proudly say the worked for the HRC must be getting smaller indeed...

Shame on them all. Who raises people like this?

hunter said...

That post by Ezra actually got me mad enough to email Stelmach about the HRC's. I told him, not that he will ever see it, that my vote was going to Wildrose Alliance if he didn't clean the AHRC up.

JR said...

Good question, Kit. It's taken decades of postmodernist, multi-culti indoctrination in the 'education' system to get us to this point.

Hunter, Good show! If every Albertan who knew about this sounded off to their MLA and Premier it might start to hit home.