Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How dare you diss Steyn!

Andrew Coyne reported another interesting day in BC’s "Human Rights" kangaroo court today and recommended The Vancouver Sun’s Ian Mulgrew as a "trenchant read".

Mr. Mulgrew makes some decent points regarding the infamy the BC Tribunal is bringing on itself:

The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal is murdering its own reputation ...

It is institutional hara-kiri, in my opinion.

The issue seems outside of the tribunal's jurisdiction and the agency already is being ridiculed locally and internationally for attempting to stifle free speech.

No matter how it rules in this case, the tribunal looks like a kangaroo court as a result...

Good! - the sooner it’s put down the better.

But I beg to differ with him on his characterization of Steyn and America Alone:

Like much of the right-wing wit's work, it was fiery, sarcastic, nasty and at times rude.

And most of it should have been taken by readers for what it was -- one man's not very enlightened and not very nice opinion.

Up yours Mulgrew! Steyn’s work is fiery, witty and accurate. And if he shows contempt for Islamists and their ‘moderate’ enablers here and abroad it’s contempt they’ve earned, in spades. Don’t shoot the messenger - God knows there’s been precious few of them.

Also, Steyn is equally if not more critical of Western culture for it’s postmodern, self-despising weakness and multiculti stupidity. Canada’s ridiculous "Human Rights" kangaroo court system is a prime symptom of this.


hunter said...

The 'roo tribunal doesn't understand that they are looking stupid. They can't because they really believe they are given the right to dictate to others what they should think, do and feel. Remember, freedom of speech is an American idea.

JR said...

That's right, Hunter. Stupid is as stupid does, thinks and looks. It'll be fascinating to see how they rationalize whatever they decide.

Brian said...

These BC HRC fools do not seem to understand that they are following down the same path as Joseph McCarthy in his witch-hunt for Communists in the 1950's , but this time it is in the name of human rights violations as defined solely by the HRC inquisitors!

JR said...

I agree, Brian. It's a matter that no government 'tribunal' should even be considering and since there's no due process, rules of evidence, etc any decision (for or against Maclean's) will be based on the personal opinions, biases and agenda of the Kangaroo panel of quacks.