Saturday, June 21, 2008

Paralyzed by politeness and racial politics

Christie Blatchford on the terror trial in Brampton:
"politeness and racial politics" otherwise known as "political correctness".

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You know what is the really sobering thing about that ongoing terror trial in Brampton?
Clue: It's not that there was a plot to attack Canadian targets. And of course there was; the court has heard evidence up the ying-yang that there was just such an enterprise afoot.
It's that one spring day in 2006, the leader played for a group of young men a nauseating beheading video on his laptop in a restaurant on Danforth Avenue, a main Toronto drag. ... Yet no one appears to have uttered a word in protest.
It's that up at the much-maligned winter training camp held in December, 2005, near Orillia, Ont., members of the group regularly went to the local Tim Hortons wearing their camos ... they were hardly the picture of subtlety. Yet they did it anyway.
... most Torontonians are crippled unto paralysis by the unique combination of innate Canadian politeness and the racial politics of their city, and these guys knew it.

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Anonymous said...

The epitome of hypocrisy is how Tarek Fatah had earlier bash the RCMP as racist for deporting 26 non-Citizens from canada with fake ID and expired or bogus Visas , seems that about 17 of them were from Pakistan and it offend Mr.Fatah more then the crimes
done by these pakistanis.
But in 2006 Tarek was in Brampton to praise the RCMP because this bunch of alleged Terrorists were mostly Canadians of pakistani background and this made it awkward to cry about being unfairly detained in canada.
Tarek did do a Media interview when the Khadr-Klan-Kids (KKK) showed up with the Saudi Whahabi females in full black garb who were frisked for C4 vests to bomb the Courtroom , but in the interview Tarek cried Racism for the media circus that he was exploiting to get on the 6:00pm news .
Fast-Forward to today and Mr.Fatah just happens to be pawning off his new book where he pretends to be the Moderate Muslim voice to protect canada from the Islamists trying to impose Sharia-Law in canada.

Oh the irony , I remember when Mohammad Elmasry called for the murdering of all Israelis over 18 as valid by islam as guilty enemies of islam and very few Muslim leader (including Muslim MP's) would go near denouncing him because my gut feeling was that killing jews seem to Unite Mulsims in the World and in canada .