Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another stupid poll

Another typical media poll - three dopey choices reflecting the pollster's lack of imagination and bias along with one catch-all.
Note to the Globe and Mail: the last thing the western provinces need is another government "big-ticket project". So, piss off!


Johnathon said...

Are you surprised?

It's just like Nic nanon's poll the other day supposedly proving that Canadians love immgirants.

He asks question without a yes or no answer, instead allowing for 4 answers.

Here is one question he forgot to ask.

1. Should Canada import muslims seeing how they are responsible for all the terrorism in the world today?

yes or No?

I's love to see the answer.

Anonymous said...

"A collective energy pool to spread the wealth."

Gads what a frightening thought. Did they come up with all by themselves or did they have some help. From someone like oh say Hugo Chavez!

/channeling the Church lady from SNL