Friday, June 6, 2008

Hey, John Baird! Listen to Peter Foster

Today Environment Minister, John Baird has his say in the debate on how best to cut greenhouse gas emissions:

Those of us contributing to this National Post debate may not agree on how we should cut emissions, but I am sure that we all agree that action must be taken to confront the challenge of climate change.
"... we [true believers] all agree that action must be taken." That’s a given. It imparts about as much information as saying "water is wet". But my advice to Minister Baird would be - listen to Peter Foster in his column today, "An arm and a leg".

On politicians and their advisors:

Let's say that a bunch of tribal chiefs, having realized that they are in danger of being exposed as useless parasites, consult with their witch doctors and announce that the Gods are angry. These vengeful Gods are demanding that every tribesman (except chiefs and witch doctors)must have either an arm or a leg amputated.
On the choices and ‘benefits’:

Being eager to be seen as good chiefs, they agree to consult with the tribesmen. Not about the anger of the Gods, of course. That's settled. Instead ... Should individuals be allowed to choose which limb to lose? ... Below the knee? Above the elbow? ... a marvellous opportunity to stimulate economic growth via the development of a prosthetic limb industry.
On the "deniers":

...."Hang on, what proof do we have the Gods are angry? And where are these Gods anyway?".... if they couldn't rip his heart out straight away .... "Infidel," they would scream.....How dare he doubt the shamans, among whom there is consensus.
After outlining the deceit, folly and destructiveness of carbon taxes and cap-and-trade ruses Foster concludes on a hopeful note:

We are indeed facing a tsunami of needless policy destruction. Fortunately, people are finally beginning to appreciate what this charade will cost them: an arm and a leg.

It would be nice if that were true, but tribal chief Baird is still pushing CO2 as a pollutant and measures that will still cost us an arm or a leg. Maybe it would be worth while to drop him a note.


Anonymous said...

I think that after watching the MSM eviscerate Rona Ambrose, Baird decided it was better to castrate himself than let them do it for him. He has become just another 'useful idiot'.

Anonymous said...

You know your system of government is corrupted spend 18 years(and counting) debating the solution to a problem that never existed in the first place.
Parliament has a personality and it is quite literally insane, the left is irreparable and the right is following where they should be leading, Baird needs to go, and soon.
Harper should have backed Rona instead of caving to the leftards.

Anonymous said...

It is looking more and more like the CPC is catching the Liberal disease. Global warming is an unproven theory (so much so that the environuts have started calling it climate change.) yet John Baird speaks about it as if it were a proven fact. The Tories are clinging to the discredited biofuel disaster (even the environuts are running away from this one like it was a contagious disease)which is costing us billions.
It looks like the abandonment of principle is not confined solely to the Liberals. If winning some votes in the eastern socialist Utopia means selling out our values, I would rather have the party be in opposition. At least we could not be blamed when this country goes ape-shit over the financial disaster that will befall us us in the cause of some non-existent boogey-man.

Anonymous said...

Fear not, Harper & Co. are just buying time as this world sham has already started to unravel...The price of energy/stalling economics will, along with what mother nature is starting to tell us weather wise, hang Gore and our crooked bearded chinese out west.

Let's give the Conservatives a majority next time and see this whole thing slowly fade away as we will be digging ourselves out of endless piles of snow during seemingly endless cold winters to come.

JR said...

All good points. And though there are signs the climate hysteria is waning a little I've got my doubts that there'll be a sea change anytime soon. Aside from a very few MSM outlets like the Nat. Post all we get is global warming propoganda. There's lots of resistance and huge inertia to overcome. This tells me that the Conservatives wouldn't likely be doing much different even with a majority.