Friday, July 4, 2008

Cold Facts on Global Warming

An excellent article by T.J. Nelson provides a comprehensive overview of the science surrounding anthropogenic global warming. Some highlights:

What is the contribution of anthropogenic carbon dioxide to global warming? This question has been the subject of many heated arguments, and a great deal of hysteria. In this article, we will consider a simple estimate based on well-accepted facts, that shows that the expected global temperature increase caused by doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide levels is bounded by an upper limit of 1.76±0.27 degrees Celsius. This result contrasts with the results of the IPCC's climate models, whose projections are shown to be unrealistically high.

Although carbon dioxide is capable of raising the Earth's overall temperature
, the IPCC's predictions of catastrophic temperature increases produced by carbon dioxide have been challenged by many scientists. In particular, the importance of water vapor is frequently overlooked by environmental activists and by the media. The above discussion shows that the large temperature increases predicted by many computer models are unphysical and inconsistent with results obtained by basic measurements. Skepticism is warranted when considering computer-generated projections of global warming that cannot even predict existing observations.



hunter said...

If they can't predict the weather for tomorrow, how can they know that global warming in the next 50 years, is our fault.

Money grabbers, without global warming most environmentalists would be unemployed.

Anonymous said...

After 7 years of global cooling, you would think that they would stop this. But no...and the BC government has instituted a carbon tax??
This is the second coldest country on the planet and it's getting colder. I had to turn my furnace on last night when it went below 10degrees, yes on July 3rd. The price of heating oil is almost too expensive to buy. What would they like me to heat the house with?Burn wood?

Anonymous said...

Thats the problem, with socialist environmental wealth re-distribution solutions.
First you destroy western based economies making everyone equally poor.
Then you set about fixing the
simple really...

Anonymous said...

"Burn wood?"

This morning there was a report on Nova Scotia where people are already stocking up on wood for the coming winter. This is not unusual except that sellers are saying they can't keep up with skyrocketing demand right now. Many buyers where saying it's because of the high price of oil and gas.

Burning wood creates more polution as oil and gas furnaces burn more cleanly.

The poorer the people, the more the environment will suffer.

Higher taxes make people poorer Dion.

What's next? Burning newspapers, carboard and household garbage? tires? Cow dung?

Grind a Grit