Saturday, July 26, 2008

India: “What climate change?”

Lawrence Solomon reports on India’s "National Action Plan on Climate Change":

India loves the UN's climate change policies ...

Throughout its National Action Plan, India demonstrates that it will divert precious little of its scarce resources to solving the climate crisis.

... it's a money-maker for India and a lever with which to obtain western technology. As the Action Plan makes clear, there's only one condition under which India need spend a rupee to help curb global warming "--(if) these incremental costs are borne by developed countries and the needed technologies are transferred."

Very cagey. And India’s position on AGW?

... man-made global warming may not exist, and that if it does exist, its existence may be of no account to India.

"No firm link between the changes described below and warming due to anthropogenic climate change has yet been established,"

... why spend money on this possible non-event. Much better to focus on maximizing wealth and health.

It’s too bad our own political class can’t be as bold and realistic.

But get this! The chairman of the UN IPCC, the organization that has consistently and loudly warned that unless we curb GHG emissons "we’re all gonna die!!" is none other than India’s own Rajendra Pachauri - the same Rajendra Pachauri who helped draft and strongly supports India’s Action Plan. In other words he’s a monumental freaking hypocrite:
... he has been a vehement defender of the UN Panel's position, brooking no dissent from the view that time was short if the planet was to avert climate change catastrophe.
And at the same time:
He vehemently endorsed his Prime Minister's [AGW denying] National Action Plan.... [which] should be implemented and the west should "get off the back of India."
Incredible! I wonder how long Mr. Pachauri expects to keep his job at the UN IPCC.


Anonymous said...

this is a blatantly dishonest post.

ministry of environment-govt of india

india's per capita usage of energy is well below the averages in north america and europe.

the policy of the indian govt is to never exceed the per capita GHG emissions of developed nations even while pursuing economic development and growth.

simply put, you are a liar.

kursk said...

Anonymous, when you call someone a liar, you had better damn well put your name to it..

India's per capita emissions will rise incrementally over the next 20 years, and it's govt intends to build up its industry with little or no regard for any global policy on GHG's.

Per capita emissions are a non starter when your population is over one billion, and North America is approx three hundred and thirty four million.

JR said...

Thank you Kursk! Not only is he an anonymous jerk, he is, "simply put", a conflicted idiot.

When the proclaimed 'issue' is "GHG's are going to destroy life on the planet", per capita measures are irrelevant - it's gross contributions that matter. When it comes to population - quantity has a quality all its own.

If these global warming 'true believing' alarmists actually believed their own bullshit they'd be hammering India and China and laying off pip-squeak contributors like Canada.

maryT said...

We're all gonna die. Truer words were never spoken, but it is not because of global warming crap, it is just a fact. Some die younger and some die older but you all will die. Some will die from accidents, some will be murdered and some will die in their sleep. But, you will be dead.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! We can keep pooping all over the place!