Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama the pathetic narcissist

And Steyn on the same Hugh Hewitt show summarizing Barack Obama:

... Obama, ... it’s becoming increasingly clear that he hasn’t actually thought about anything much in recent years except becoming president.... But if you ask him about anything else, when he’s not doing one of his pathetic, scripted, great gaseous uplift of change you can believe in speeches, if you ask him a question off the cuff, that he’s not scripted on, he’s pathetic. He’s truly pathetic. ...listening to [unilingual] Obama talk about unilingual Americans being an embarrassment, I began to get a distinct Kerryesque whiff, the whiff of the Boston Brahmin hung over the Kenyan-Indonesian-Hawaiian, or whatever he is.

... when you look at the flip-flopping and the changing of courses, and all the rest of it, what you see is a man who throughout his career has taken the path of least resistance. ... he’s never actually dared to take any position that would cause him any problems with the people he spent courting. That’s not the kind of want...sitting in the Oval Office.

He’s a very self-absorbed guy, and I don’t think he actually thinks about the wider world, except in terms of his place in it, like this extraordinary demand that the Germans found so offensive, that this man, who just happens to be a candidate, he’s not a head of state yet, or anything, demanding to be allowed to give a speech at the Brandenburg Gate... His self-absorption and narcissism is incredible.


aek said...

We already know of The Messiah's disdain for the "bitter-clingers" of middle America.

Now we learn that The Messiah is embarrassed by Americans who can't order snails in French or sauerkraut in German, and that Americans must atone for causing this shame to Obama by teaching their children to speak Spanish.

If The Messiah, The Most Merciful, The Barack of Obama becomes President, how will He apologize to Europe for America's world leadership that has resulted in English being the international language of business and commerce?

We should all care that The Messiah is embarrassed by such trivial matters as speaking a second language, because it shows his vanity and utter spinelessness.

Obama's not the Messiah that the socialist media paints him to be, he's The Exalted Wet Noodle of Appeasement.

JR said...

"The Exalted Wet Noodle of Appeasement". That's good.

It certainly seems weird that someone (and the prospective 'first lady') who seem so embarrassed by and otherwise down on America should be a presidential front runner adored by the media. Though I guess an anti-American MSM is nothing new.