Sunday, July 13, 2008

The EU road to serfdom

Steyn’s back! On the Hugh Hewitt show summarizing the EU constitution:

... it’s a centralized federation being built from the elite bureaucracy down to the people. And every time they let the people vote on it, the French and the Dutch, and now the Irish a couple of weeks ago, they vote against it, because they rightly see it as a racket. The first words of the U.S. Constitution are We, The People. The first words of the proposed European Constitution are We, the people who know better than you, the little people.

... a classic sort of royalist attitude ... a few ... Euro big shots can sit down and tell an entire continent of serfs what it is that’s going to happen.

U.S. Constitution, ... in New Hampshire, they carry it around in their pockets so they can berate their Senators and Congressmen for not sticking to it. You can buy it for $3 bucks, and it fits in your pocket. If you try to put the European Constitution in your pocket, you will be walking with a crippling limp after about six minutes. ... it’s like this huge, great, bureaucratic monstrosity.... it’s doomed.

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