Saturday, July 26, 2008

Speculative hooey: health effects of climate change

A "not-yet-released Health Canada report" warns of the effects of climate change on health:
A major report on climate change and health forecasts a higher risk of injuries, illnesses and stress-related disorders brought on by more frequent bouts of extreme weather.
The report also calls on Ottawa to pay more heed to health and social services groups that plan for extreme weather, and to raise the public's awareness of ways to prepare for, and adapt to, climate change.
Though obviously I haven’t yet read the "500 page report" I suspect we can chalk it up as an utter waste of time - one more example of taxpayer funded useless junk. The possible health effects that could possibly, maybe, materialize IF Canada’s climate "changes" by who knows how much under the implicit and largely speculative assumption that said "climate-change" is caused by humans - ie. speculation on speculation on speculation.

But the government’s cautious handling of the study’s release seems encouraging. Despite the waste of time and money generating the report:
... the federal government paid a public relations firm $50,000 to choreograph the report's release, only to quietly post it online after 5 p.m. on a Friday.
No doubt, though, that the idiot eco-loons and AGW-true-believing MSM will do their level best to maximize the report’s importance. I heard about it yesterday via a local radio news-cast that pumped up the scary climate-change rhetoric.


Brian said...

This is absolute bullsh** ! I listened to one of the prof's briefly the other morning on the CFRB news , where it was heralded as a MAJOR report. They interview a prof from UWO who was totally incoherent and rambled about people being stressed when there were storms !

I mean any half-wit knows that , but what has that got to do with AWG , other than a bunch of dimwitted academics sidling up to the public trough of taxpayer funding , in the name of global warming !

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what they blame on climate change. Now they claim that when a mother goes into labour, her pains are more severe, because of climate change. Holy moley, who would be dumb enough to believe anything these people say?

Halfwise said...

I am kind of looking forward to the banishment of winter...

What sort of credit will account for the imminent absence of snow and ice making our roads dangerous?

(being ironic here)

JR said...

Must be some kind of law: once hysteria has caught hold, idiocy and opportunism know few bounds.