Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Loony-liberalism" a threat to liberty

George Jonas at his best:
... the force with the greatest capacity for becoming a threat to liberal democracy is liberalism itself -- meaning loony-liberalism, a kind of ideological menage a trois between Timothy Leary, Karl Marx and Al Gore, at once passionate and arid, that in Western societies has all but captured the educational and judicial machinery of the state.
In some, it's a virtual state religion, whose matriarchal, environmentalist, multicultural, anti-male, anti-family, anti-individual and public-hygiene shibboleths are enforced by Orwellian regulatory agencies, commissions and tribunals, better known as the smoke-, smut-, seat-belt-, thought-, language-and calorie-police.
... Democracy, far from being eco-fascism's enemy, seems to be its friend. Its enemy is liberty. That's why I think liberty has as much to fear from democracy as from autocracy.
... I wouldn't rule out anything, not even peace and tranquility, albeit more likely as a result of repression than of good government.
... I'd give individual liberty the worst odds. I think it will continue to decline in the 21st century.
Short, sharp and to the point.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Gah! I messed that one.

Thanks, J.R.!!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Meant to say "missed". So I really did 'mess' that up. ;)

Anonymous said...

Pretty gloomy National Post with his outlook for the future and also Robert Fulford's.

They don't mention how illiterate and unversed in history young people are. How can they defend freedom if they don't even understand what they are defending?

Perhaps the better educated in India or Eastern Europe will save the day.

Meanwhile we can't give up the battle - just think of the horrors under tyranny such as Chernobyl when leaders evacuated their children, but let others march in May Day parades five days later.

Or North Korea starving people to death.

As for the sticky web of the nanny state, we will have to cut one strand at a time...

JR said...

Their outlook may seem pessimistic, but they're observing on clear trends. And I don't think either Jonas or Fulford would suggest we do nothing to attempt to reverse them. In fact, the work they do serves to snip away at those strands.

Anonymous said...

Loony leftists as opposed to right wing "wackos"?

I'd rather be a little loony than totally wacko any day.

JR said...

Anonymous troll, At least you admit to being part of the problem Jonas addresses. You are "a little loony" and have no regard for liberty.