Monday, January 24, 2011

Farewell to a furry family member

Today, we lost our much beloved cat, Rufus, who we adopted from the Ottawa Humane Society in January of 1995 as a one year old. So he's been with us for 16 of his 17 years, moving from Ottawa to Victoria to Surrey. A real character, he took to the leash from the start and always looked forward to his almost daily neighbourhood walks where he enjoyed attention from people and their dogs.

After 5 weeks of battling what we thought was pancreatitis the final diagnosis turned out to be much worse, lymphoma.  So, R.I.P. Rufus, we miss you.


Alex said...


A cat that likes a leash and can go for walks is pretty amazing.

Sean M said...

I'm sorry to hear about you're cat Rufus. He was a handsome boy, and I'm sure he was a great friend. 16-17 years is a good long life for a kitty. I lost my cat Milo last Feb... 15 years old, still miss the little guy. Take care.

hunter said...

So sorry. Pets are amazing, each a treasure in their own way.

JR said...

Thank you for your thoughts. They're much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for his passing. They provide such companionship.

I knew your site from his pretty face.

They leave such a hole when they pass on; may the memories come softly in the days ahead for you and your family.

Greynerd said...

I'm very sorry to hear this sad news.

Cats can become like one of the family, like a two-year-old that can nevertheless smell catfood from a huge distance, and can hear another cat's paws silently slipping on a tile floor in another part of the house to come share in the play.

They can learn to trust us if we do our bit and I find that immensely rewarding and something that teaches patience and consistency, as with a child.

When the time comes, as it inevitably does, it leaves a hole.

One never forgets, nor is forgetting needed or appropriate.

What I have found best, after a suitable period, is to adopt another. There is a huge need, and every one is different.

That is what our family did, to bring in two rescue cats that were on their way to the Ovens. They are gentle and intelligent and it is hard to imagine how anyone could not want them, although I know that seems to be the way of the world.

They now know that they have been rescued and are safe now, and that fills the hole without blotting out happy memories of the past.

Good luck going forward.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tears.

i got 4 cats and a 8 year old dog and I'm dreading just thinking about losing any of them.

I have no family and my pets play that role for me.

JR said...

Again, thanks to all for your thoughts. We spent today attending to Rufus's cremation at "Until We Meet Again ", a pet memorial centre in North Vancouver. They provided outstanding, very thoughtful service.

Ottawa Humane Society said...

My condolences about Rufus. He sounds like he lived a charmed and adventurous life. It sounds like you have very many happy memories of your time with him. [[hugs]]

~Michelle at the Ottawa Humane Society

JR said...


What a pleasant surprise to hear from the OHS over all this time and distance! Thanks for noticing and for your kind words. Rufus did lead a good, happy life and brought us a lot of joy.

Keep up the great work!


Halfwise said...

Condolences JR. We said goodbye to one a little over a year ago, and the other two cats under our roof are both pretty high mileage as well.

I know you will be grateful for the memories that Rufus created.

JR said...

Thanks, Halfwise. Much appreciated.