Sunday, January 9, 2011

RCMP personality disorder?

The RCMP is a big organization, its officers have a tough job to do and it takes all kinds so it's bound to exhibit multiple personalities over time.  But, of late, there just seems to have been a lot of weird crap:
One day they're in ridiculous, touchy-feely pc-mode - apologizing to Muslims for arresting a Muslim during Ramadan, for example. (BTW, excellent commentary over at Blue Like You on this.)

The next day they're caught on video kicking some poor schlub in the face because he didn't get down on all fours quick enough.

Before that it was watching live jaihouse porn and drunk driving. (Maybe there's something in the Okanagan water supply.)
What gives? No doubt many have been wondering the same thing, especially since the infamous Taser death at Vancouver International.

But maybe it's a just statistical blip in what's been happening ever since the Klondike Gold Rush.  My closest personal experience with questionable RCMP behaviour dates back to my teen years when my older brother was best buds with a local constable (they drank white lightning together).  Said officer eventually went AWOL and was arrested for car theft.


Anonymous said...

How about their zealousness at going after private property owners who dare try and protect it - and their families?

Anonymous said...

It's sad, I used to have a great deal of respect for the RCMP. Over the last couple of decades however, they have turned from a police agency into a political agency that does a little (half-assed) police work on the side.

JR said...

I'm thinking BC ought to set up its own police force again.