Thursday, January 6, 2011

US EPA attempting to end-run Congress on GHG regulation

From FOS:
"Time magazine, the Dallas County News Examiner and Fox News provide their views on forthcoming battle between the incoming Congress and the Administration over carbon emission limits announced by the Environmental Protection Agency. A dozen states have filed suit to block the EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gases, and Texas is outright refusing to comply with the new rules.

"Pajamas Media, in a reasoned argument, asserts that the EPA is attempting an end-run around democracy by using the 1970 Clean Air Act, with non-elected bureaucrats, trial lawyers and activist judges determining the content and direction of national policy."
This is a big deal for Canada because the declared Tory government "climate change" policy is to mirror US policy.

Related: New Mexico reversing environmental regulations:
New Mexico is the only state besides California which has moved forward on comprehensive global warming regulations. The two states joined three Canadian provinces (British Columbia [Thanks Gord!], Ontario and Quebec) in the Western Climate Initiative. [Hmmm ... Ontario and Quebec in a "Western" initiative? A better handle would have been "Loony-Tunes Initiative".] Now, the new Republican Governor, Susana Martinez, has removed all members of New Mexico's Environmental Improvement Board because of its "anti-business" policies. The Governor also issued an executive order halting all pending regulations by executive branch agencies, to determine whether they hurt businesses in New Mexico.

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