Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Those moderate Muslims

From Blazing Cat Fur comes word that Toronto based 'news blog' TheMuslim.ca is calling for Islamist rule in Tunisia.  The publisher of TheMuslim.ca is Jaweed Anwar, who also happens to be co-chair of the Toronto District School Board.  Lovely. Lots of scary links at BCF.

Incidentally, at the Toronto District School Board web page it's hard not to notice that the TDSB logo is freakishly similar to the Islamist crescent.  Coincidence or creeping Sharia?


Anonymous said...

Did you never bring your teacher an apple?
Is this comment inoccuous enough to be posted?

JR said...

Certainly not a Hamas-green one:) But if Anwar or his ilk did have anything to do with that logo's creation I bet that's one of the lame covers they'd use to pass it off.

And if it's just a coincidence, the TDSB would be wise to change it to something looking a lot less Islamic.