Saturday, January 22, 2011

Media aided extortion - the new foreign travel insurance.

Just saw this on Lisa Laflegm's CTV National news: Family wants man shot in Mexico treated in B.C.:
His daughter Kathy ...  doesn't understand why her dad can't be flown home immediately by air ambulance. She's angry that the federal government isn't doing more to help.
Apparently the injured man was offered commercial travel but that wasn't good enough. Nothing less than luxury evacuation will do. Sounds a little like that idiot Brenda Martin's situation.

It's media aided extortion.  Is that the new foreign travel insurance standard?  Federally funded bailouts, gratis?

Note to the feds - tell them to drop dead.


Anonymous said...

It is like the Brenda Martin crap fest. There are far too many Canadians (and /Canadians) that think and demand the government babysit them no mater where in the world they get their a$$ in a bind. They don't pay any attention to travel warnings because "They have a RIGHT go and do exactly as they choose". because they have a Canadian get out of jail free card some of us call a passport. Many many years of socialist lieberal bull$#it have created this attitude.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

government, government and more government. canadians are communists at heart. if only the government would do everything for me boo hoo.

Dave Hodson said...

Whenever I travel to foreign lands, I purchase supplemental medical insurance to cover things like medical evacuation. Perhaps these people should have done the same. If they want an air ambulance, then let them pay for it.

Anonymous said...

The old man himself admits that he and his wife were in a place where they should never have been and they got caught in the crossfire as a result.
How long will it be before the Liberals get involved?

wilson said...

My, what a difference 3 days make, eh.

Canadian shot in Mexico says 'I feel safe here'
(I'm in good hands here, he says):

''...Di Lorenzo, who is recovering in a local hospital, said despite the violence and the fact he was hit just four blocks from his hotel, "I feel safe here."

When asked if he had a message for family and friends back home, Di Lorenzo told CTV News Channel: "I'm in very good hands here. I've been having help…I didn't know that they had so many good people, so many friendly people, nice people."

Anonymous said...

Here! I have an idea! I will be glad to support federally subsidized travel insurance.

!!!! *** IF ***!!!!!

The feds immediately disband the federal Human Rights commission to pay for the program ...AND!!....

cut transfer payments to provinces that have provincial human rights commissions by an amount equal to the provincial budget for those commission..... AND!! ....

Cut SCOC justices salaries and benifit package budgets by 5%.

THEN!!! I will happily support travel insurance! :D

JR said...

Sadly, it looks like Stock Day is intervening with DFAIT to help Di Lorenzo, reinforcing the notion that the government will rescue everyone who gets into trouble abroad. Bad move, Stock.

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