Friday, January 28, 2011

Hating the CBC

Hunter at Climbing Out Of The Dark opines on a demo in Peterborough:

... Oh my God, they want the CBC recognized as a national treasure? Seriously, these people walk among us....


hunter said...

Thanks for the link! I seriously couldn't believe that people were out protesting cuts to the CBC, which haven't even happened.

Now could you please tell me where I can get one of those "I hate the CBC" bumper stickers? I think they would go over really well here in Alberta!

I plan to put it right beside my "Support The Troops" bumper sticker. Maybe a "Honk if you hate the CBC" sticker would be more fun.

Lynn said...

Well, CBC is a National something! The words that come to mind are,embarrassment,disgrace,waste, and those are the positive words!

Sell it to China,it'd still be called the CBC, and let those overpaid fat cats compete in the real world for jobs,just like all of us who aren't on the dole.


CanadianSense said...

In order to save money move the HQ from Toronto to a smaller town.

Big savings.

East, West, North away from Montreal-Toronto bubble.

I would support North so they could appreciate the effects "global warming" up close and personal.

Nunuvat could use the new tenant.

Anonymous said...

A treasure trove for commies and a place of refuge for them. (real conservative)

JR said...

Heh, I wonder if the CEEB can feel the love:)

Alberta Girl said...

Oh - there's a whole "group" called "friends of Canadian Broadcasting"

I used to get their emails just to see what they were saying...of course it was all about how Stephen Harper was making cuts and SAVE THE CBC!!!!

I haven't gotten the emails since we moved....hmmmm, maybe I should sign up again???

I truly believe that these people watch only CBC and really and truly believe that what they are told by the talking heads on that network is the God's honest truth! (are we still allowed to use God while talking about the CBC??) LOL

JR said...

Yeah, 'Friends' is all about Cancon protectionism and lobbying for more government subsidies for the CBC. In other words they're nitwits.