Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Election fatigue

Only a couple of days in and already I'm sick to death of this election. Whenever the news channels go to election coverage it's the same tired lines from the politicians and the commentators - so I switch back to Fox.

It's entirely unnecessary - so much for fixed election dates!  I hope most voters feel the same and severely punish the opposition parties for foisting it upon us.

That said, I also hope PMSH et al aren't feeling the same fatigue, and if so they don't show it.  The media sharks will smell it like blood in the water.


Xanthippa said...

There is no party worthy of a vote in this election - major 'voter fatigue' here.

I find that I am turning off the news as much as possible. I just don't want to know!

Anonymous said...

You do realize it was Harper who forced the last 'unnecessary election' on us 2.5 years ago for no reason right?

Maybe its just a difference of opinion but seeing Harper in contempt of parliament for failing to be honest about the cost of bills and then claiming parliamentary procedure doesn't matter seems like a good reason to see him turfed. He has failed abysmally to live up to his promises of government accountability.