Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Glenn Beck, a likeable Joe McCarthy

If you ask me, Senator Joe McCarthy gets a bad rap. In pursuing his anti-communist crusade he performed a valuable service.  While he may have been ham-handed, hyper-zealous and mean at times  he did achieve a certain degree of success.

Glenn Beck is doing a similar service in rooting out evil leftists who have an overtly anti-capitalist (anti-American) agenda. For instance, he got Van Jones fired from his White House 'Green Jobs Czar' appointment when he exposed him as a 9/11 Truther and an avowed communist.

Now Glenn has his sights set on Stephen Lerner for plotting to bring chaos to the US economic system.  Lerner is a high-roller with the SEIU (Obama's favorite union) and has White House access (at least 4 visits so far).  Beck has Lerner on tape at a recent meeting, plotting what can easily be characterized as sedition (Beck calls it "economic terrorism" and so does the DOJ in an arguably much more benign case).

See also, Rush Limbaugh, and a congressman's letter to AG Eric Holder.

If Bernard Von Nothaus' crime of minting Liberty Dollars is worth 15 years in the slammer, Stephen Lerner ought to get life.  Think that'll happen?

Glenn exhorts his audience to seek and find the bad guys in their unions and their governments and to "RAT 'EM OUT!"

Go, Glenn!


Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck has an excellent show 95% of the time. If I happen to miss it I catch it on Glenn backs up his stuff with facts..all the time. Love his show.

JR said...

Ditto that. Glenn occupies the moral high ground, gives excellent lessons in economics, American history and the US constitution and is an outstanding investigative reporter; and he does it all in funny, entertaining way. Also the left hates his guts. So what's not to love:)