Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Leftist indoctrination in engineering

We know that leftists have thoroughly infiltrated academia in the humanities, education and the soft sciences with their destructive pc, PoMo, multiculti ideologies;  and we know that they have been, for decades, making similar inroads in our schools brainwashing children from K thru 12.

Lubos Motl gives us an example of how it's also happening even in engineering faculties

The left-wing indoctrination that has overtaken a significant portion of the Western college education is often being discussed but every new example of this phenomenon disappoints us again. It's really bad.
Penn State University is the place that openly harbors the father of the infamous hockey stick graph. And you bet that it's not just one defective researcher who happens to be employed by a random school: the whole atmosphere at that college has been rebuilt to match Michael Mann.


Anonymous said...

The numerous programs and scholarships to get more women into technology are examples of the leftist creep into engineering. Check out the list of scholarships at any Canadian university and then tell me they aren't a blatant violation of any semblance of equal rights. Most scholarships are eligible to females exclusively, none specifically to males, but this is somehow not considered discrimination.

JR said...

Attempts to artificially boost representation of any group through bribery (targeted scholarships), etc are counterproductive. Unless merit is the primary selection criteria less capable people (boosted on the basis of group identity) cause their entire group to be stigmatized as second rate. Special treatment also creates resentment. Not surprisingly it's inevitably the left who promote such counterproductive practices. But, as always, they mean well (/snark off).