Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Liberal Weeniepants-speak"

Mark Steyn critiques Justin Trudeau's fatuous pc nit-picking of the new immigration study guide.  Justin (aka "Sh&t for Brains") thinks the word "barbaric" is too harsh, that "absolutely unacceptable" would suffice.  However, as Mark explains:

The trouble is, as your average honor killer or clitoridectomist around the planet well understands, “absolutely unacceptable” is Liberal Weeniepants-speak for “we entirely accept it”.
M. Trudeau also said "... in an official Government of Canada publication, there needs to be a little bit of an attempt at responsible neutrality...." That explicitly jibes with Steyn's take - it's Lib-speak for "it's absolutely unacceptable but we don't intend to actually do anything about it".


bertie said...

I nearly puked when I heard the name Trudeau.Please don,t mention it again,you are scaring the children.

Xanthippa said...

Well, actually....

'Barbarian' simply means 'non-Roman'. Since the term is vulgarly used as a pejorative in the same manner as 'vandal', and Vandals were a tribe, some people think of 'Barbarian' in similar terms. It, however, simply means 'non-Roman'. In other words, we Canadians are all 'Barbarians', by definition.

As such, the description of FGM as 'barbarian practice' is indeed accurate, as I am pretty certain Romans never practised it. So is equality of women.

It was silly of the government to use a word which is descriptively accurate, but which does not actually condemn the practice. Yes, I know, the vulgar connotation is pejorative, but that is not the actual meaning of the word.

That Mr. Trudeau seems not aware of this makes him not only vulgar, but also ignorant. That he disagrees with the implied pejorative implication makes him unacceptable as a human being!

JR said...

Sorry, bertie, I know how you feel:) But sometimes the urge to mock him overcomes the urge to puke at the mention of his name.

Xanth, While the 'non-Roman' meaning may apply in its original classical context, in this case isn't the vulgar definition, the one understood by us plebes, the 'actual' intended meaning? My dictionary defines a 'barbarity' as a 'savage cruelty'.