Thursday, March 24, 2011

The key election question for Iggy

Roy Green today:
Answer the question Mr. Ignatieff. In the event of a minority Conservative Party election result might Canadians be treated to a rebirth of the Liberal, NDP, BQ coalition?
An on the record “yes” or “no” would be preferred. “Maybe” would be acceptable.
Good question. That has to be the top consideration for voters this time around. A coalition of losers needing BQ support cannot be a very appealing prospect.


Terry said...

Stupid question. Those who support Ignatieff don't care, and those who don't won't change their vote based on his answer. Wouldn't Harper try to form a coalition if he were in the same position? Oh wait, he already did.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if you go beyond the Liberal talking points, the discussions that Harper was involved in did not involve a coalition.

Anonymous said...

Stupid as in its "stupid" not to answer it? If he refuses to answer and sidesteps the question over the next 6 weeks then your looking at a very large Conservative Majority...not as stupid as you think.

Susie said...

Every column with comments, the Lieberals come up with this one about well Haper did it. Even if Iffy says he won't, I wouldn't trust him.

Rotterdam said...

A vote for Ignatieff is a vote for the bloc.
A vote for Ignatieff is a vote for Libby Davies in cabinet.

Ignatieff is running under the coalition banner.
He is on fire. Let him barbeque himself.

JR said...

Terry: "...those who support Ignatieff ..."

There are lots of Libs and independants who lean right. Many of those who might ordinarily vote Liberal won't vote for Ignatieff if they know it means a coalition with the far left that is hostage to BQ extortion on every issue. That's the message the Conservatives should pound home.

Terry said...

Oh please. As if some of these responses haven't been straight from Conservative taking points. Coalitions work on common goals. Does anyone here actually believe that a Liberal led coalition with the Bloc and NDP will advance the seperatist agenda??? No bill giving Quebec independence would ever be allowed. Or is it because you're worried that Quebec may get more money? As a Quebecer I can't see anything wrong with that.

Thucydides said...

Why not invite the "Blue" Liberals to cross the floor and form a "Coalition of the Winners" in a similar manner to the recent UK election?

Wooing them to cross the floor might be as simple as suggesting a "National Unity Government" to manage the economic recovery as turmoil continues in the global market (Japanese earthquake disaster, Portugal's government falling on an austerity budget, escalating US deficit, etc.)

As for Terry, since it is MY money you are demanding, yes, there is a problem with "Quebec getting more money" under any government.

L said...

Terry, you obviously don't get western Canada. We will NOT put up with a coalition of losers replacing our duly elected CPC government!

Terry said...

@ L

You obviously "don't get" how our democracy works. We do not elect governments, we elect riding representatives that go on to form governments. Any "duly elected" member of the House is not a "loser" and has the potential and the right to govern the country provided they have the confidence of the other members.

And you need to study the per capita benefit that Quebec receives in equalization payments. We are being short changed and deserve more. I seem to remember Western Canada begging us to stay in Canada during the last referendum. Now that we need help, all I hear is a bunch of whining from the Oil-rich west. With that kind of attitude, we may as well separate.