Monday, April 4, 2011

Religion of Peace vs Pastor Jones and free speech

Lorne Gunter's take on Afghans' Islamo-murderous reaction to Pastor Terry Jones' Koran burning:
... Jones should be ignored. ... Politicians should denounce him, and editors and producers should deprive him of the oxygen (media coverage) that stokes his demented brain. But those who suggest Jones is a bigger villain than the rioters who have taken lives over a book burning – any book burning – are looking at this issue through the wrong end of the telescope.
I agree with much of  Gunter's column.  But that last part (Jones should be ignored, etc ...), good advice though it may be, is somewhat weakened by having spent his first three paragraphs publicly denouncing Jones.

Meanwhile, others see Jones' actions as a free speech issue and take Republican Senator Lindsay Graham to task for saying of Jones:
"I wish we could find some way to hold people accountable."
From the comments: "Jones is an idiot and Graham is competing with him for the title."
Mark Steyn weighs in:
"... Lindsey Graham is unfit for office. The good news is there’s no need for the excitable lads of Mazar e-Sharif to chop his head off because he’s already walking around with nothing up there. ..."
... A society led by such “men” cannot survive, and does not deserve to.
And again to Graham's "embarassing" response to the above criticism:

... The guy “putting the troops at risk” here is Senator Graham, and General Petraeus and the other advocates of the one-way multiculti danse macabre. They’re telling our enemies the more you tread on our toes the more we’ll pretend not to notice and try to waltz you gaily round the floor one more time.
Pre-emptive capitulation only invites more and more provocations. Like the Arabs say, a falling camel attracts many knives.


Peter said...

Every life taken by Islam proves that Jones is right.

Anonymous said...

When people deface, burn, and destroy the bible it never gets peoples noses out of joint, then someone burns the Koran and it's all so important.

Alain said...

A member of one religion decides to burn some books of the other religion, while members of the other religion riot and murder. I think I prefer the one who only burns a few books, since it is much more a winner when choosing a religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

As noted people burn other holy books - and they insult the religions of Christianity Judaism and Hinduism - but we DO NOT see the adherents of those faiths acting like they are possessed by satanic demons.

Islamists certainly are not connected to 'God' in any way!

I really cannot understand why this medieval nonsense is growing to become such a threat to our modern world.

Sorry to offend anyone but I just cannot understand why any westerner would EVER convert to that religion.

Eventually Muslims are going to have to make a choice - especially those who are emigrating to the west - a choice for freedom and modernity or it's opposites.

In Islamic nations freedom is enjoyed by only those in charge!

If someone emigrates here from there then - they ought to eschew all of 'that' leaving it in the place they leave behind.

If in moving to Canada they do not want to leave the 'the hate, prejudices and various barbaric cultural practices' - then they shouldn't be here.

I also think the good pastor is a moron - not far removed from the extremists he's trying to provoke.

A little research into his views leads me to think that given the right circumstances Jones and his ilk might target various people too.

He's NOT a Christian!

Anonymous said...

How insulting to Muslim for Obama to feel that they are so predisposed to riots and murders that the 5'500'000'000 non-mulims on earth must be careful to not offend any Muslim and trigger the SJS (sudden jihad syndome) to slaughter civilains for allah's cause.

JR said...

Islam - religion of hate and violence.