Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Vancouver Sun's AGW obsession

Like most lib/left media outlets the Vancouver Sun never lets up on the "climate change" bunk. 
Today it's bemoaning BC's being a laggard:
British Columbia and Ontario have become stragglers in the Western Climate Initiative and the ambitious plans of its member provinces and U.S. states to start carbon trading and reduce their collective emissions of greenhouse gases.

California, the initiative’s de facto leader, on Tuesday, reaffirmed its commitment to begin an aggressive cap-and-trade system for its carbon emissions starting in 2012...
Get real, Sun.  California is near bankruptcy and it's idiotic nonsense like this that's driving it there. The more BC "straggles" on this the better off we'll be.


L said...

Hear, hear!

Curt said...

How much did the Carbon tax in B.C. reduce carbon emissions?

Alain said...

According to the Vancouver Sun BC lags behind, even those we had this useless and costly carbon tax imposed on us by Campbell's Liberals. I still see red over this.

Anonymous said...

The carbon tax is working well. It's been one of the coldest springs I can remember. Thank you Gordon Campbell for your green shaft!

JR said...

Heh. Exactly. The Lib/green line will be "carbon tax is working well ... coldest spring ever"

JR said...

I just noticed that the org at the linked "Million-Kid March" post isn't happy with the comments it's getting:

:( "A note to our readers about comments to this post
We appreciate all feedback. However, we can see this conversation is going in an unproductive direction, so we have disabled comments. These kids are passionate about the environment and climate change and we feel that they deserve to be applauded for what they stand for.

Right. They're "passionate" about climate change because the little naifs been heavily coached to be so.