Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Debate night

4:10 PM PST
Why am I watching this? Because I'm a masochist, that's why!
It's the coalition against Stephen Harper.  The three of them each get a turn hammering him, repeatedly calling him a liar.
Mr. Harper looks calm and composed and responds competently and politely.

Iggy is pained and angry looking and shrill sounding, hectoring and lecturing Harper on his "dishonesty".  Though he's got a few more hand motions and eyebrow lifts to supplement his thumb pointing.  Stephen looks back at him with a patient smile :)

Layton accuses Harper of calling the coalition names.  Pot, kettle?

OK, I've had enough. I'm out'a here!


Anonymous said...

iggy is barely even present. hes waffling worse than he does in the house. i love it. bring on may2nd


JR said...

Yes. From what I saw, Stephen Harper was easily winning the "debate".
Iggy - a weak performance.
Smiling Jack - snake oil and used cars.
Duceppe - who cares?

Anonymous said...

PM Harper wins hands down. No contest. Ignatieff sucked big time.