Monday, April 18, 2011

"Right-wing" Sun News Network

One of the fun things about the Sun News Network launch is watching the hyperventilating and schadenfreude at all the other media outlets.  Invariably they attach a "right-wing" or "Fox-News-North" moniker to the network. 

"Right-wing", "Fox-North"? Geez, I hope so!

And I liked this in today's Post:
... a University of Maryland study concluded that regular viewers of Fox News were more "misinformed" than consumers of other media ...  [Heh. I'm sure that study had no biases :]
It's funny, you never hear these same clowns refer to the "left-wing" CBC and probably rarely if ever do they actually watch Fox News.


Anonymous said...

Damn right they're worried. Look at the steady decline of CNN. There will be blood.

Barb R said...

Hey JR, thanks for watching the other media outlets for us ... because we're all busy watching Sun News.

You're a champ for taking one for the team. LOL!

Anonymous said...

So looking forward to being able to watch it online. I hope they will allow that soon.

Anonymous said...

Sun Media are all right-winf windbags.
Charles Adler is Canada's version of the Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh types in the US. His rants are biased and shameless. I'm sure he drooled at the chance of getting his "righty" buddy the PM on the air for a last push.

Adler only sees the world through his eyes and what is good for him and people like him. He is a dangerous journalist whose commentaries are way out of line sometimes. Pushing the PM on air was out of line but why expect anything different. He is desperate to get his political views pushed through.

Anonymous said...

I like Micheal Coren , he is not all one sided like the others on Sun news.

Don't like Adler though , he is a typical conservative Lacie, too right wing thinking.

Anonymous said...

I only watch Coren on Sun media.
The others are worthless and push the right wing agenda constantly .
They are for anything but the little guy and broadcast a lot of propaganda, especially that Adler puppet who is all over the radio aswell.