Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Israel's economic miracle

"If you go to the Middle East looking for oil you don't need to stop in Israel.  But if you go looking for brains, for energy, for integrity it's the only stop you need to make." - Warren Buffet

See this video also:

There are more Israeli companies on NASDAQ than all of Europe combined, more companies than all of India, China, Korea and Japan combined. ... There is more global venture capital going to Israel than to the United States (two and a half times) and 30 times as much as to Europe.
Israel is all about innovation and creativity.  It's neighbours are all about death and destruction. And the clowns behind the Canadian "Ship-of-Fools" to Gaza back the latter? Go figure.


Alain said...

I suggest that it is exactly Israel's success that the leftists hate, which, for me, explains their support of Israel's neighbours who are indeed stuck on death and destruction. When Gaza was handed over (wrongly in my opinion) to the Arabs, they immediately set about destroying everything the Israelis had built, and have done nothing to improve their own situation.

Anonymous said...

Take that!~Ron Paul!

Has he ditched his isolationist foreign policy & appearent abandonment of Israel?

I'd like to think by now he & his son have come to their senses.

Libertarians can't be so quick to ditch Conservatism as it lays the basis for such liberty. Sure we can all be free but not for long if those freedoms remain under threat from enemies eager to take them away.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Israel can thrive what with an illegitmate coalition and all.

Likud #2 in seats.

Another Harper FAIL

JR said...

Alain, I think that's right. The left, and the dysfunctional Islamists they support, have always been driven by envy and the destructive hate it fosters.

Anon, The economic miracle has come about not because of Israeli politics but in spite of them. Also, as the video and book "Start-up Nation" suggest that Israel's emergence as a tech power is relatively recent and was enabled by Benjamin Netanyahu's having loosened government regulation and interference. Before that it was a socialistically inclined quagmire.