Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ignatieff's duplicity

David Frum parses Ignatieff's English debate attacks on Stephen Harper and finds duplicity on Israel:
... The word “Israel” does not appear in these remarks. Friends of Israel who want to vote Liberal can continue to remind themselves that Ignatieff condemned “Israel Apartheid Week” in a speech at the global anti-Semitism conference a year ago.
But people who follow the issues more closely will hear a very different message encoded in Ignatieff’s remarks.
Kairos and Canada’s Center for Human Rights and Democratic Development did not become notorious by “working in Africa.” They became notorious because of their attacks on Israel and their too-close associations with anti-Israel extremism....
Excellent column. Vote hustling "duplicity" is the Liberal default position on pretty much everything. It's "da' balanced approach".


Jerry Prager said...

Yes but you guys support the abuse of Palestinian Semites by Israel. So shame on you and your disgraceful support for the abuse of one of Abraham's children by the other.

JR said...

Self defence and retaliation by Israel against attacks by vile, openly genocidal enemies is hardly "abuse".

The "Palestinian Semites" your deluded heart bleeds for could have peace any time they wanted it simply by stopping their attacks. Problem is they (and especially their Iranian and Syrian masters) don't want it and never have. Your support for Hamas terrorists is equivalent to supporting the Nazis before and during WWII.

Stop being a useful idiot.