Friday, July 22, 2011

Carnage in Norway - "right-wing militants" suggests Reuters

A report from Reuters:

A bomb ripped through Oslo's central government district on Friday and a gunman dressed as a policeman then opened fire at a youth camp on a nearby island, killing at least 17 people altogether.
... The gunman, a 32-year-old Norwegian citizen, was held by police. The double attack bore some hallmarks of al Qaeda but analysts suggested right-wing militants might also be responsible.
The media profiling that damned "right-wing" again. Predictable. But I think I'll hang in there for confirmation from a reliable source like, say, Blazing Cat Fur.


OMMAG said...
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OMMAG said...

Try again ...
Reuters reports are about as unreliable as you can get .... when they come out with anonymous "analysts" unnamed "experts" and the ubiquitos "sources" you can safely bet that they are making shit up.

When it comes to deflecting criticism of Islamic murderers .... it is the first thing they do and they'll keep it up until the entire world figures out what they are up to .... then pretend it never happened.

No harm in normal people taking the wait and see approach.

As should honest people in all walks of life.

Anonymous said...

The summer camp is organized by the norweigan labour party's youth wing as well the government in Norway whose offices were bombed is currently labour. Not saying that confirms it but, it's at least a reasonable theory at this point.

OMMAG said...

No .. what confirms the Reuters story is the emergence of substantiating facts.

In this case .. the arrest of the perp and the actual facts about who he is.
Everything else is speculation and opinion.

I'm sure Reuters ... will milk this one in a thousand (for them) event well ... and remain as unreliable and dedicated to spinning opinion as ever.

JR said...

Exactly, OMMAG. And I'm sure that many more media outlets will also enthusiastically speculate about the perp being "right-wing" - just like on the Vancouver Sun's front page today. Seems the MSM is blindly adopting Reuters' story-line. Pathetic.