Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The loony left coast

A Pembina Institute poll has provided more evidence that a high percentage of BC residents are gullible leftoid loons.  A summary from FOS:

British Columbia is the sole North American jurisdiction with a carbon tax, which went from $25/tonne to $30/tonne on July 1. A poll conducted for the Pembina Institute of 830 BC residents showed that 74% believe that the tax has been positive for the environment or are neutral. A 69% majority are worried about climate change and 70% want BC to continue showing leadership without waiting for other jurisdictions to take similar steps.
The only glimmer of optimism in this is that the poll was done by the Pembina Institute which is hardly an unbiased pollster.

EU Parliament Votes Down Tougher Emissions Cuts [h/t]. Could it be that BC lags even the EU in the supply of common sense? Good grief!
Climate Scientists Confirm Global Warming Standstill (but insist that it does not contradict AGW doctrine).


Alain said...

They must have limited their poll to down town Vancouver and Victoria. I have yet to encounter anyone outside those areas claiming they favour the carbon tax scam.

Peter said...

They are doing a referendum on the HST. Frankly, I can live with the HST. That carbon tax BS has to go. Vote BC Conservatives!

Anonymous said...

F**k You, Vancouver rocks and BC elects a lot of Conservatives.

Alex said...

heh as in throwing rocks, burning police cars, handing out hard narcotics. How else does it rock? Is it really that cool to have too expensive everything?

I'm doig a half tank boycott on BC. I'll only go as far into BC as half a tank can take me. I will not buy gas there.

Anonymous said...

How much "carbon tax" have the school boards been forced to pay into provincial coffers?

How much has been clawed back from the budgets of health, education, social services and all other provincial government entities in order to pay for the purchase of "carbon offsets" from the Liberals "Pacific Carbon Trust"????????????????

Who is benefits from PCT?????????????

Those employed there, the two consulting firms and those companies on the receiving end of this Liberal largess.

Anonymous said...

These are the same people who vote for Mayor Moonbeam (Gregor Robertson). It's called uninformed voting.

JR said...

One of the big reasons governments love the global warming hypothesis is that it gives them endless excuses for raising taxes. The latest is the BC Evergreen Line SkyTrain extension which mayors are proposing to fund from additional gas tax and carbon taxes. If we're not already paying the highest prices for gas in the country, we soon will be.