Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sun ditches "politically correct" Press Council

Sun has parted company with the Ontario Press Council:

'The editorial direction of our newspapers, especially our urban tabloids, is incompatible with a politically correct mentality that informs OPC thinking, in the selection of cases it hears, and the rulings it renders.'
—Glenn Garnett, Sun Media spokesman
Good for Sun.

Interestingly, the reaction in many of The Star readers' comments is supportive. Unlike the CBC's where the hate is predominant.



Anonymous said...

Something funny going.I dont understand the backlash against Sun News Network.Here we have a new network that stands on its own two feet yet gets railed at all the time.BY competitors like the CBC who get there paychecks from the taxpayer and with no accountability about where or how the money is spent?The rest of the networks can be as left as they want to be.No matter since the only good to come from the CBC is Don cherry and HNIC!

You would think folks would appreciate no nonsense straight to the point reporting but apparently not.

JR said...

The CBC's idea of "accountability" is to pay an ombudsman (usually, if not always, someone from or formerly from within CBC ranks) to run interference for the mother corp.